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Harry Lorayne (born 4 May 1926) is an American magician and a memory-training specialist and writer who was called “The Yoda of Memory Training” and “The World’s Foremost Memory-Training Specialist” by Time magazine. He is well known for his incredible memory demonstrations and has appeared on numerous television shows including 24 times on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. His book The Memory Book was a New York Times bestseller. His card magic, especially his innovations in card sleights, is widely emulated by amateur and professional magicians.


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Ron White Interview: Greatest Memory Expert of 20th Century, Harry Lorayne

    • 00:00 Harry Lorayne interview introduction
    • 01:39 Harry Lorayne introduction
    • 06:01 Controversy on Tonight Show about lack of education
    • 09:20 How he get involved in memory training
    • 15:22 Old memory training books
    • 18:50 How to memorize countries, states and capitols
    • 21:00 Law student almost gets expelled using Harry’s techniques
    • 22:40 1st love card magic and how he got started
    • 28:20 Job at age 19 doing card magic working for tips
    • 29:22 Actor changes Harry’s life and memory tricks changes his life
    • 34:40 Memory demonstration done on stage with wife Rene for 20 years
    • 37:15 Harry starts new memory demo with cards
    • 42:55 Went from an ‘act’ to a ‘speaker’ and got higher fees
    • 45:55 Other speakers start to copy Harry
    • 48:00 Start memory demonstration with names in audiences
    • 50:40 What makes Harry’s name demonstration so unbelievable
    • 52:20 Just Amazing tv show tries to trick Harry
    • 55:00 Another tv show tries to trick Harry
    • 57:50 How Harry would end his name demonstrations
    • 59:00 Joke Harry would end his speeches with
    • 1:02:00 Harry drinks at bar and has to do name demonstration again!
    • 1:03:40 Does Harry drink alcohol before a show?
    • 1:05:01 Funny story of speaking for Little People
    • 1:10:50 Trick to quit smoking
    • 1:14:40 Trick to quit eating too much
    • 1:15:40 Bad thing turned good saved Harry’s life
    • 1:22:00 We all have great memories and we just need to train them

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