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40  Over Fashion is a men’s lifestyle site catering to grownup men of all ages.

The 40 Over Fashion YouTube channel offers style inspiration, product reviews, ideas and lifestyle topics for guys who believe first impressions are important.

Like it or not, we’re all judged on a daily basis by our outward appearance, how we present ourselves to the world and carry ourselves as men.

The goal at is to help educate men about the often overlooked aspects of style and grooming, and to help boost your confidence.


Gentleman’s Gazette

The GENTLEMAN’S GAZETTE is an ONLINE MAGAZINE & SHOP for classic men’s clothing, luxurious accessories, craftsmanship, men’s style, and savoir vivre.

On this channel you will find great How-To Guides, Primers, Reviews, and hands-on advice to look your best and become more successful.

We teach you anything from tying a bow tie in 4 different ways, in-depth guides about polo shirts, collar pins, scarves, pocket squares, gloves, socks…

We are compressing the knowledge of over 5 years and 700+ articles into our unique videos which are recorded and presented to you in an easy format by our founder Sven Raphael Schneider.