Aaron Danker (Super Sales Machine)

Founded by Aaron Danker, the Super Sales Machine provides aspiring marketers with complete done-for-you website solutions.

With a flair for design and with over 10 years of online marketing experience, Aaron has raised the bar in the marketplace by offering professional installation services for the complete beginners.

Thanks to the bespoke products and services provided, determined entrepreneurs can now skip many of the technical barriers that hold them back and as a result the company has help 100s of people worldwide at various skill levels make their first sale online.




01 – Online Business Models for Passive Income


02 – Digital Marketing Lessons and Tutorials


02 – Set Up Your First PLR Product Within 2 Hours

With the Super Sales Machine (http://www.supersalesmachine.com) you get the luxury of having products set up for you.
However for those that want to learn what we do step-by-step and install products yourself then this is for you.
We’ve put together an info-packed course lasting just over 2 hours that shows you everything you need to do to get your first resell rights product setup from scratch using all freely available resources!
This technique can be applied to any product that you own licensing rights to such as PLR products, master reseller products, white label software, turn-key systems, businesses-in-a-box and much more.
Watch the videos, pause them when you need to and apply what we teach as you go along!
Setting up a product for the first time will take a while, and you may have to re-watch some of the videos but once you’ve understood the process, you’ll be whipping up products in no time!

03 – $2490.62 In 24 Hours PayPal Cash Method (still works now…)

After going through this course, you should start to see the real potential behind what’s possible online with resell rights products.

I will do my best to open up the gates for you and show you what has already been achieved but IT’S STILL DOWN TO YOU whether or not you take this route and follow through with it.

Yes there are many internet business models around, but out of all the ones I’ve tried so far, this is hands down the safest, most cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable method and DOES NOT require you to do any spamming, cold calling, or pestering people who are not interested in what you have to offer!


04 – How To Get Traffic (Even Newbies Can DO…)

Traffic is the life and blood of your business. Without it all the effort you put into creating your website and product will go to waste. This is why it is essential to master this skill before you can scale your business.


06 – Create Your First Sales Funnel (with squeeze page, OTOs, downselss, ARs, and more…)

Whilst you can send traffic directly to your sales page or affiliate offer, it’s much smarter move to ‘store’ your traffic in a mailing list so you can promote multiple products to your subscribers over time.

Another thing to consider is if you’re sending traffic directly to an offer, not every visitor will buy that particular offer. However they may be interested in something else. This is why you should build a mailing list first, then offset your costs with multiple offer using a sales funnel.