Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 038

1:28 I’m frustrated at my current job and afraid I can’t really afford to pursue my passion. What’s your advice?

7:14 I have a really hard time with tough interviews, what’s your best advice on how to deal with it?

12:31 Does it make sense for a small company (15 employees) to offer severance pay?

20:31 Do you have any strategy for someone looking to transition from a sales role to core finance?

34:57 Can we use PE and Price to Book ratio for crypto?

37:13 Can you talk about the corporate transformation at Microsoft and Adobe?

53:12 Which one of your courses would you recommend for someone who is looking to get started with stocks and bonds?

56:29 I’m immigrating to a new country soon, I’m researching how to approach the new job market. Do you have any advice?

1:04:55 Can I use your Crypto 49 steps research Excel spreadsheet to research stocks and bonds?

1:09:36 I’m miserable and bored at my job and can’t afford to leave, do you have any recommendations?

1:17:56 Nassim Taleb says you should not invest in middle risky investments, what’s your opinion on this approach?

1:27:16 Have you heard of AngelList and what’s your opinion on working for free at a startup for the experience?

1:28:38 I have to use broker to buy stocks. How’s 0,30% (min 20$) buy/sell broker fee?

1:29:26 Bitcoin jumped up lately, does this mean it’s a bad time for crypto?

1:35:04 Should I be honest with my current manager regarding my interest to move?

1:37:42 Why do you think it’s more of who you know rather than what you know? do you think that in an economic sense it creates market failure that we don’t notice because we are used to it?

1:52:31 On an IPO the syndicate manager can also work as an underwriter?

1:58:26 Margin accounts. When a customer shorts a stock, the customer who lends the stock gets something in return?

2:06:25 How to edit your YouTube videos?

2:09:40 Once the founder of an organization exits, does the performance of the organization go down?

2:15:03 We’re increasing the size of our sales team, do you have any courses geared towards creating a sales program?

2:17:39 Will your MBA Program include career support?

2:19:35 What do you do if you think you’re about to get fired?

2:23:24 How do you deal with a boss who promised you flexibility but later won’t give you that flexibility?

2:28:22 Do you recommend learning how to program?

2:35:07 Which career path do you recommend in the current environment?

2:51:28 What to do if your lost and feeling a lot of pressure?

2:56:40 How do you deal with pressure?

3:02:10 How do you stay happy and focused regardless of what you’re going through?

3:06:04 Fitbit vs Apple watch?

3:15:58 I love business but it just seems overwhelming.

3:22:57 Being a full-time student forever.

3:24:18 Our very first Webcast vs Webcast #38.

3:25:51 If you had to start your career in something totally different, what would it have been?

3:31:19 If you had to choose 1 song, 1 book, 1 food, or 1 movie and you are stuck on the beach for a week, which one would you pick?

3:40:22 Do you still invest in startups?

3:42:30 What if I wanted to start something in the agricultural sector, any suggestions?

3:45:30 Discounted cash flow example (DCF).

3:55:32 Could you give the name of the company you did DNA test?

3:56:58 Any great ideas for side hustles or passive income?

4:01:18 My 23 and me DNA report.

4:06:50 Can you briefly tell me about your MBA Program?

4:09:44 Does the new MBA program offer forever 1 on 1 coaching?

4:10:27 Can you please show me where I download your daily time schedule form for each hour?

4:29:18 Is leaving a job with 1yr or less bad and how do you deal with such a thing on your resume?

4:30:54 Are you still taking applications for your MBA Program?

4:31:44 Who inspired you to do what you do now?

4:36:47 Will you do the foreword of my book?

4:39:52 How do you know what you should outsource to an attorney?

4:41:44 What are the only 10 books you recommend to read?

4:50:34 I registered my company and filled 100 shares of the company, how do I price and begin to sell those shares?

4:52:10 When connecting with investors via LinkedIn, I have the option of including a small note. Can you help me draft a note?

4:54:59 Can you explain how the FED balance sheet works and why investors care?

4:57:57 Why is a treasury bond security considered an asset if the Fed actually owes the money?

5:03:37 Do we divide the DCF by the outstanding number of shares to get the target price?

5:13:40 What’s the difference between networking and making friends?

5:17:45 What’s the best way to market a business that’s been around for 60 years?

5:24:58 How do investors take the age of founders into account?

5:27:40 How do I deliver a remarkable presentation?

5:32:37 The teleprompter Lilyput 669gl is hard to find for 40.00. do you know of another brand that might be as good for a bit of a cheaper price?

5:45:00 Any great ideas for a side hustle.

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