Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 037

0:25 New exercise machine from a company with great customer service.

4:37 How to apply for early admission to the Haroun Ventures MBA Program.

5:59 Am I allowed to sell my investment ideas online even though I’m not connected with a firm?

10:20 How do I sell my product under an established brand name?

15:05 What are your thoughts on Nassim Taleb’s ideas?

18:10 How many years of experience does one need to start a tech startup?

22:03 Is it possible to start making money on stocks having only $1k to invest?

24:58 How did you find out what you wanted to do in life and how long did it take you?

37:36 I’m about to start recording my video lectures. Any advice?

41:31 I have multiple passions, should I create courses in multiple areas?

1:00:02 Is it a good time to invest in crypto considering the low prices?

1:05:40 What are some of the main documents to check notes when auditing a balance sheet?

1:10:45 How can I do my due diligent work on companies Google?

1:15:04 In your opinion, what is the best way to read a book?

1:24:01 What are your thoughts on investing in a Vanguard fund?

1:28:22 I’m scared of going into business by myself. How do you know you’re doing things right?

1:31:11 How does a founder weigh in an offer for their startup that is 10x to 100x their numbers?

1:34:00 Why does valuing your company too high prevent you from securing future funding?

1:38:42 How do you decide salary and ownership when starting a company?

1:41:18 How I manage my to-do list.

1:43:45 Do you multitask or do you prefer to do one thing at a time?

1:45:51 How many students have you touched around the world?

1:50:58 How do I add value to an investor even if they’re not interested in funding my business?

1:56:26 How can I add value to someone I meet while networking?

2:02:41 What a great question to ask at the end of an audit interview?

2:08:25 Which one of your courses should I take first?

2:09:26 I’m not sure about how to meet with an investor, can you help?

2:12:03 Anything you regret during your career that you can advise me on?

2:14:44 Why is everything becoming subscription based?

2:17:52 Why isn’t there a second or next Warren Buffet?

2:19:59 What was your favourite thing to do in Buffalo, NY?

2:21:27 Do you think moving to Canada is a wise future move?

2:24:16 What courses do you teach at Stanford?

2:25:18 Your thoughts on becoming a full stack developer with plans to get into the IoT industry?

2:28:13 What to do when your business partner is only focused on $$.

2:37:33 More on the MBA Program

2:39:04 I feel like something is holding me back from achieving my goals. Any advice?

2:42:08 What are your thoughts on not taking no for an answer?

2:48:15 How can a San Francisco State student compete with a Stanford graduate?

2:59:50 Why I believe 1/2 of HBS is BS.


3:07:41 Correction: Mark Zuckerberg not selling FB to Yahoo, not Mark Cuban.

3:13:31 Do I need the newest version of Excel for your MBA course?

3:16:31 How do I differentiate myself at a pitch event?

3:20:52 Any idea how much board directors are paid?

3:22:23 What are your thoughts on IoT?

3:27:31 Any tips on getting a weekend job?

3:28:58 Would a video like in crowdfunding sites replace a pitch deck?

3:33:59 How does the stock market work?

3:42:46 What would be the best way to invest $1k?

3:58:57 How do you think the banking industry will change in the future?

4:04:09 What sectors do you think will have strong growth in the next 10 years?

4:07:07 How do you know how much risk to take to stand out from the crowd?

4:10:06 Do you think blockchain will have a big impact on finance and data security?

4:11:43 How blockchain works.

4:25:05 How do you create a great corporate culture at your startup?

4:27:43 How do I acquire the necessary skills for a research role?

4:29:26 In a startup, what do you think should be outsourced first?

4:32:16 What is your favourite place/culture in the world?

4:41:41 How do I find a job with a finance degree?

4:43:53 Typical MBA Progam vs HEV MBA Program

4:47:51 Your thoughts on capital markets and the future trends of capital markets?

4:54:37 Find out which industry sectors move together to ensure a portfolio is well diversified.

5:00:54 Do you think equity crowdfunding will boom in the near future and disrupt VC?

5:07:02 Thoughts on US/China relationship and the future of the US economy.

5:12:43 Your thoughts on what makes capitalism so appealing?

5:17:26 Do you think the CFA still holds any value?

5:19:46 Thoughts on a well-diversified portfolio.

5:25:57 Can you expand on writing your own book?

5:30:11 Video conference vs travelling to meet people?

5:32:43 Thoughts on where to meet real friends nowadays?

5:36:42 Companies who hire entry-level expecting years of experience.

5:37:40 Buy an expensive camera or start with a simple conference.

5:39:26 My Live Webcast setup

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