Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 036

2:06 Thoughts on controversial marketing.

5:50 Should you get a degree in economics or accounting if your target company is one of the big 4?

7:41 I’m really confused about how to handle interviews and need to gain some clarity. Can you help?

8:52 What skills or how much experience do you think someone needs before they are able to strike out on their own?

11:48 How did you get out of the trap of comparing yourself to others?

16:09 Critical business skills are not thought in business school.

20:49 What job or industry would you recommend to a recent computer science student?

24:18 I need an inspirational book to read, any suggestions?

27:37 What is a good life according to you?

32:53 What’s the best way to trade altcoin?

42:36 Roughly how many students will be in the new MBA Program?

57:28 Can you talk about Artis Ventures?

1:07:02 How long should I work before starting my own business?

1:12:33 I’m an auditor interested in programming, do you think I should pursue a career in programming?

1:17:26 Do you know anyone who got into VC? What is the path to a VC?

1:21:10 How can an auditor break into finance?

1:24:35 How can I not be tempted by the money on Wallstreet and rather do something that I love?

1:36:43 What’s the best way to start a side hustle if you don’t have much time?

1:39:15 Is the time investment for each “failed” side hustle really worth it?

1:39:54 What are your thoughts on crowdfunding?

1:48:18 Thoughts on taking our emotions away from money?

1:50:01 What do you expect from the 1k word MBA Program application, what should I focus on?

1:52:36 Can you explain how sharks on shark tank value businesses that quickly?

1:58:09 Can you give examples of goal’s you set at night for the next day?

2:03:59 Do VCs and PE firms value businesses similarly to how sharks value businesses on shark tank?

2:05:32 Should I pay off college debt and focus on saving?

2:08:06 Do you think it’s worth getting a $120k Masters Degree student loan?

2:13:39 Did you foresee the 2008 crash?

2:18:43 Will you offer your MBA Degree next year as well or only this year?

2:21:25 What’s your opinion on working with friends and family?

2:23:23 How did you deal with sleep deprivation while at Goldman?

2:33:38 How do you increase your sales in the slow season?

2:44:04 What career path would you recommend for someone who is interested in finance, accounting, and technology?

2:52:28 How do you achieve massive goals?

2:54:35 Can you talk about Cohesity and Mohit Aron?

3:00:21 What are your tips on raising a Series A round in France?

3:02:22 How do I prepare for a meeting with investors?

3:09:24 Your thoughts on deciding what to do after college?

3:11:01 I’m looking for VC funding but how can I avoid them taking over my business?

3:16:00 How can you scale a business globally based on intellectual property?

3:17:34 What are the top 10 things that investors look for in a potential investment?

3:24:48 Thoughts on the best way to ask for a raise?

3:28:56 How was your meeting with Tony Robins?

3:37:51 What’s better, private equity or commercial debt?

3:42:34 How do I come up with business ideas?

3:46:49 How do I know how much equity to give an investor?

3:51:35 How do you outsource effectively?

3:53:54 How much of a company is put up during the initial public offering (IPO)?

3:55:32 Is it advised to outsource stuff when your company is just a startup?

3:59:35 When should I share my business plan with someone I’m looking to get advice from?

4:00:42 Why be passionate when you network.

4:02:47 What would you do differently as a 20-year-old?

4:06:00 Can you help me better understand YouTube SEO?

4:13:10 Should I hire external consultants in the seed stage of my startup?

4:15:04 Will you expand on Robert Greene’s first 2 laws?

4:21:41 Is there a way to overcome lack of experience? How?

4:25:23 How do you deal with investors and founders (team) not agreeing on something?

4:31:01 How do I know which legal structure I should use for my business?

4:35:54 How do I consult with you?

4:36:20 I worked at a hedge fund where the fund manager was indicted for insider trading, how do I address it during an interview?

4:43:20 Thoughts on the reliability of technical analysis?

4:46:20 Thoughts on overcoming social barriers when networking as a woman?

4:50:29 Your thoughts on the Pinterest IPO?

4:54:05 Live business plan review

5:29:55 How much time should you dedicate to something you’re passionate about?

5:32:33 Any recommendation for those with a really bad memory?

5:37:37 How do I decide between 3 things I’m really passionate about?

5:41:17 Where to get more information on personal finance.

5:43:25 Do you think cryptocurrencies will survive longterm?

5:46:02 What do you think healthcare will be like in the US 5 years from now?

5:51:06 How do you learn things so quickly?

6:05:16 Do you think governments will try to kill cryptocurrencies?

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