Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 035

4:48 I’m looking to start a franchise with silent investors. Any advice on legal structure etc?

7:33 Are you still taking early applications for your MBA Program? What are the requirements?

11:44 What was your role and experience like at Goldman Sacks?

19:10 Should you write your LinkedIn profile bio in the 1st or 3rd person?

20:34 ETF or individual stocks, which one is a better investment?

28:05 My thoughts and what I do for biohacking.

36:26 Your thoughts on a potential recession coming up.

43:18 How to increase your net worth by $32M.

44:30 How to decide which job offer to accept or quantify any decision you have to make.

48:51 Have you ever considered quitting your job and just traveling around the world for a while?

50:34 Why you should read about and study successful people. (daily rituals)

54:10 What’s a typical day like for you? (

59:17 What resources helped you learn how to invest?

1:00:04 What can you do to develop a sharper mind?

1:00:21 What can you do to develop business acumen?

1:05:10 The one thing about American students…

1:07:37 What are your regrets? Anything you would have done differently in life?

1:09:33 If someone gave you a pill for eternal life, would you take it? Why or why not?

1:14:51 Your advice to prepare for a marketing interview within 1 week?

1:23:38 I submitted my first Udemy test video.

1:30:22 How will your MBA Program differ from your MBA course?

1:41:49 Will there be other instructors or speakers for your MBA Program?

1:44:35 Thoughts on the freemium model for courses?

1:47:09 Will the MBA course be accredited?

1:47:52 Your thoughts on crowdfunding vs cryptocoins?

1:52:32 What’s the difference between a put and a short?

1:57:00 What kind of a planner do you use daily?

2:02:36 What’s your method for researching stocks/bonds?

2:06:29 What’s your take on penny stocks?

2:09:55 What are the best resources/tools for starting a REIT?

2:14:46 Is your microphone connected to your camera or PC?

2:17:59 How did you start Haroun Capital?

2:19:19 Can you go into more detail on Mutual Funds vs ETFs?

2:22:11 How real is the TV show Billions?

2:27:22 Where do you get your vitamins and ingredients for your smoothies from?

2:28:43 How did you get your DNA tested?

2:33:18 What’s the first thing you need before starting a company?

2:38:26 Is eBay worth dealing with in terms of side income?

2:42:37 How do you handle losing 70% of your investment in a single day?

2:49:25 Why you should always do your own research?

2:51:50 How do you deal with difficult colleagues at work?

2:53:57 Did you build your own greenscreen or did you buy one ready?

2:57:01 How do you allocate time for your webcast? They seem to last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours.

3:09:17 I’m starting your Crypto course. What should I do to prepare myself to take the course?

3:12:02 How do you bootstrap an internet business?

3:14:41 How do you manage self-discipline?

3:24:31 Why I don’t believe in inventory businesses.

3:26:55 Is it normal for a startup to be in debt for the first 5 years and then start generating a profit?

3:41:06 How does not following your heart impacts your future?

3:44:08 How’s that business documentary coming?

3:50:02 How much time will it take for a student to complete your new MBA Program?

3:54:11 What skills do I need to become a portfolio manager?

3:57:09 Do you use any project management tool?

4:05:48 What do you think of “Shark Tank”?

4:09:33 What’s the ideal annual return for a hedge fund or investment firm?

4:15:55 What’s the best startup you’ve seen at Stanford?

4:19:26 Are there internship opportunities at Haroun Ventures?

4:27:18 Will Swiss bank stocks recover?

4:27:54 If I wanted to start a childcare business and turn it into a franchise, how would I do so?

4:30:38 Can a board of advisors fire a CEO?

4:31:49 Can you talk about valuation rules in investment banks?

4:47:58 What other forms of passive income do you like other than Udemy?

4:50:07 Do my board of advisors need to be in or around my area?

4:52:40 Can you talk about how a CFO’s job differs from a Controllers job?

4:55:13 I have an interest but I don’t know how to get started.

4:58:47 Should we submit our resume along with the personal statement?

5:06:07 Where can I find your template for writing a book? (

5:08:31 How do I get a financial analyst job without any prior experience?

5:13:06 Do you have a resource where I can find startup pitches and other startup ideas?

5:36:54 How do you think I can best help low-income families with financial literacy?

5:40:19 What’s the best way to help people but not have them rely on you for help?

5:44:08 How do you protect your company to prevent losing it like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk?

5:48:14 Any recommendations for an engineer looking to move into entrepreneurship or marketing?

5:54:05 What is the best way to raise capital but keep the majority of your company?

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