Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 034

4:23 What are your thoughts on the Uber IPO?

4:44 How can I get better at time management?

11:08 Advice for someone who wants to start a career in mutual funds.

16:48 I’ve purchased your course bundle at, how do I reach out to you in case I have a question?

17:47 What’s the best approach to creating a diversified portfolio?

20:45 Where do you find reliable finance info on companies in different sectors?

30:10 How do you set up a green screen?

38:22 How is it possible for price to book ratio for a stock to be negative?

39:39 What’s your take on passive income?

44:47 I’m having issues with my audio, what setup do you recommend? 54:23 What are fixed income instruments?

55:24 What were some of your most effective study habits in B-School?

59:50 Can we say that Elisabeth Holmes is a master manipulator?

1:04:31 How much do you know about Palantir and how do I find out their TAM?

1:07:37 Will there be scholarships for the MBA program?

1:09:12 Do you think it’s possible to start your own index fund and what are the procedures?

1:15:25 How long does it take you to develop a course?

1:16:52 What companies still stick to value investing today?

1:18:27 What service do you use to post to multiple social media platforms?

1:21:46 How Udemy payout works.

1:27:30 Is there any free software I can use to open the Excel files for your courses?

1:30:10 What are your thoughts on network marketing companies?

1:33:34 Here is how you can generate passive income.

1:46:59 In your crypto course, did you get Christopher Lloyd to do voice overs?

1:54:49 I’m starting a business, can I quote your courses as a reference?

1:54:59 What is the correlation between currency and bonds as mentioned earlier about fixed income?

2:03:39 How valuable are Udemy courses on your resume?

2:10:10 Are there software products to help you calculate the different valuation methods?

2:17:40 What’s your best advice for someone looking to enter a big consulting company?

2:21:21 Are high interest rates generally good or bad for bonds?

2:22:03 What’s your current investment strategy?

2:25:35 Your thoughts on Index Funds?

2:29:08 Do you have a CRM you use to manage all of your students?

2:35:37 Should you have a stop loss on your investment, even if you plan to hold it for a long time?

2:38:54 What are some of the best strategies to follow when picking a stock?

2:51:31 How do you determine the number of shares of a single stock you want to own?

3:05:31 How do you stay positive when everyone is lashing at you?

3:08:16 Why you shouldn’t care about what people think.

3:22:34 What kind of information or educational subscriptions is it really worth paying for?

3:27:46 Tips for cold calling to pitch stocks for funds.

3:29:00 I feel like business isn’t for me because my dad is a business man, thoughts?

3:30:29 The danger with countries printing too much money.

3:39:09 How do I convince investors to invest in a startup that is burning a lot of cash?

3:43:30 Is Intuit (maker of TurboTax) a good investment as the Congress is about to ban irs free filing?

3:44:37 Can you suggest some tax saving tips for stocks?

3:50:10 Thoughts on investing in telecom considering emerging 5G tech?

3:54:07 What does dollar cost averaging mean?

3:55:25 ​If I’m buying stocks of other country say as an Indian resident, I wanna trade on NYSE floor, who will I be paying tax?

3:57:30 Which one of your courses helps with technical analysis?

3:57:49 How can we provide unique value in our content marketing or when writing a book?

3:59:51 What are some of the subjects we can write articles after completing your MBA course?

4:03:53 Can you expand on what makes the bond price/yield and the recent bond yield inversion to recession?

4:07:17 Why was Microsoft willing to pay so much for Github?

4:14:17 What makes a perfect startup team?

4:17:55 As far as running a business, is it important to do what you like to do or do what you’re good at?

4:20:16 I am planning to enter into stock trading business, what would your advice be?

4:24:21 Do you have that same 5/10 year market closure mindset?

4:26:26 Can you talk in detail about your “5% of your net worth” comment earlier in the call?

4:29:08 Should I send my kids to college/university?

4:31:20 Thoughts on investing in food?

4:35:30 Your thoughts on how the education system change in next 5 to 20 years?

4:38:52 What are your predictions for the next 10 years?

4:51:56 Can you expand further on “5% net worth of your income” with some numbers and statistics and an example.

4:58:47 What are your morning rituals?

5:02:09 Your current take on Crypto?

5:05:06 What is the BIGGEST thing to avoid when it come to making decisions about how to run your own business?

5:16:40 I am yet to develop a solid business idea I am happy with, is it still worth doing the MBA? 5:23:30 What would you recommend as a side hustle?

5:08:13 What would you say was your biggest mistake as an entrepreneur?

5:23:30 What would you recommend as a side hustle?

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