Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 033

2:13 What kind of extra write up is helpful for a university admission interview?

3:46 You advise your students to write a book, what should the book be about? (

6:19 How long will the new MBA program be and can you talk about the tiers.

8:08 How do you value a private company?

12:26 How do you evaluate an unpaid opportunity to work at a startup?

18:15 What’s the best ROI estimation for a startup?

20:16 How do I ask for an introduction during a coffee meeting?

23:10 What can I do to prepare for an interview with an alternative investment firm?

26:23 When and how do I tell my firm that I plan to join a competitor?

35:24 What’s the best approach to finding mentors at work?

37:11 How do I become more charismatic?

39:36 Any tips or advice on how to ask professors for recommendation letters?

41:52 I want to start a business but I don’t know which industry to join.

42:56 Will your MBA program be hosted on Udemy?

43:49 Can you share the curriculum of your MBA Program?

47:52 What’s your take on investing in Lyft?

50:29 Real Estate or REIT’s?

53:43 What are some ways to distinguish myself in an interview?

59:51 How do you think AI will affect different industry sectors?

1:07:28 How do I stay up to date with the latest technology trends?

1:14:21 How do you motivate yourself and get things done with you feel wiped out?

1:18:44 Can you give a few examples of nimble businesses that don’t have much overhead?

1:26:24 How does one go about pivoting a business plan?

1:35:05 Do you think a single product company is riskier than a multi-product company?

1:37:34 My hobby is X, how do I turn X into a profitable business?

1:43:46 What do you think of docuSign and e-signature businesses?

1:53:30 How do I make myself seem more interesting to an interviewer?

1:56:12 Do’s and don’ts of sending out coffee meeting requests via LinkedIn.

1:58:58 How do I get into accounting or finance with little to no experience?

2:06:18 How do I transition from my current career to something new?

2:09:00 I’m working on my Udemy course but I’m not great in front of the camera. Do you think I can/should only use animation and voice over?

2:14:08 What’s your advice for entrepreneur education as a business?

2:15:28 How do I get around paywalls?

2:18:16 I have an investment property but I’m not sure I’m getting a good return, do you think I should sell it and find a better investment alternative?

2:23:29 How do I go from having a job to having a passion?

2:24:56 I’m interviewing with a Private Equity (PE) firms. Any advice?

2:31:25 Thoughts on the growing student loan debt crisis?

2:37:05 Do you think bigger companies or smaller companies have better culture?

2:39:15 Will you write a reference letter for those who enroll in your MBA Program?

2:41:04 What industry sectors are you bullish on?

2:42:48 Charles Schwab, InteractiveBrokers or Fidelity. Which do you use and why?

2:45:05 How do you invest your savings?

2:48:13 I’m just starting my business, is an LLC the right legal structure?

2:49:24 I would like to intern abroad. What would be your advice?

2:53:03 What are some people you must have on the board of your company?

3:02:41 Is it possible to make money doing as a creator/artist?

3:06:08 Why is healthcare so complex in the US?

3:09:22 What do you think is the future of 1 product companies?

3:13:08 How do you automate various aspects of your life?

3:20:26 How do you bond with an interviewer who wants to go straight to your resume?

3:30:20 How currency swapping with other countries can help in infusing liquidity in the banking sector?

3:33:37 How do you become educated in biotech or tech in general if you only had half a day?

3:36:37 How do you become educated in the best tech trends within startups?

3:37:31 How do you convey interest in an industry (say biotech or tech growth equity) to interviewers if you don’t have any investing experience in those areas but still have enthusiasm?

3:45:26 Could you suggest a hot trend or topic in investment banking, finance, or accounting?

3:49:39 How can I leverage a personality test to help me find my dream job?

3:52:03 What are some ways to increase memory?

3:55:39 Are you still drinking bulletproof coffee?

4:04:37 I’m creating a course, do you think a smartphone is enough to start? 4:24:46 I have a business plan, what do I do next? 4:26:41 What do you think about releasing a new personal finance app?

4:35:46 How do you think AI can help augment the EdTEch space?

4:43:27 How do you balance wanting to help people but also wanting to make a profit?

4:47:28 Can you list what you have in your travel studio setup?

5:01:21 What advice would you give for someone who only had $100 to start a business?

5:04:17 Can you talk about the finance and personal development books you recommend?

5:08:14 How do you find time to do everything you do?

5:13:43 How do I stop planning and start doing?

5:17:23 What audiobooks do you recommend?

5:18:00 Can you recommend a trading academy?

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