Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 031

2:12 Thoughts on Citi selling Venezuelan gold to meet debt obligation?

10:04 Everything you need to write your own book.

13:13 Your thoughts on risk management when buying stocks?

18:59 A gatekeeper is pressing me on what I want to talk about with a CEO I reached out to, what should I do?

21:25 You said earlier you don’t believe in technical analysis in commodities, does it apply also in currencies and stocks?

23:59 Use this matrix to help you decide between any 2 choices.

32:41 Are penny stocks worth investing?

42:22 How to get your video on the first page of Google.

51:53 What is this webcast about?

52:22 How do you always stay so energetic?

56:47 How do you stay consistent with what you do?

1:04:48 How I can forecast revenue and then calculate the growth of debt or credit on the balance sheet?

1:07:53 Thoughts on getting a MS in Finance in the US as an international student?

1:16:51 What is your take on MiFID II and how would it affect Asset Management firms?

1:19:47 Where do I find the best financial market news?

1:27:41 More on the MBA Program.

1:32:15 Which one of your courses would you recommend me purchasing if I am looking to get into asset management & other buy-side roles?

1:36:35 Current thoughts on how Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes affected the California Startup/BioTech world?

1:42:35 What made you want to pursue banking, apart from money?

1:51:46 How do I know whether I have the right product or service for the customer?

1:55:04 I believe water will become worth more than gold. Do you invest in water? If so, how?

1:59:07 Having a tough time my daily life, any advice?

2:05:24 How to gamify your videos.

2:10:01 Tips on preparing for the GMAT?

2:13:22 Do you recommend using a personal tax preparer or tax software for filing taxes?

2:18:36 What’s the best way to re-connect with professional contact?

2:22:40 How do you build a great brand?

2:31:43 Are you producing the third part of the “ANOTHER 40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course”?

2:39:51 How do you stick with your goals and make them a reality?

2:47:47 Here is how to find the TAM for any private company.

2:54:44 Sir. Richard Branson rented a TANK to take on Coca-Cola

2:57:13 I am going staring perfume company in Pune India with your course guidance.

2:58:14 Why teachers, often times, repeat questions.

2:59:55 Don’t stop yourself short of joining a top school because of money.

3:04:53 What’s your advice for someone who is interested in switching careers?

3:06:46 I know you live in the Bay Area, but do you get back to Toronto much to see family and friends?

3:11:21 How to plan your day for maximum productivity.

3:12:51 What would you say are some of your key habits?

3:20:29 Commoditization of water will cause a lot of harm to poor countries. I will not invest in the water industry unless is making it accessible to everyone.

3:21:28 How do you stay close to your customers?

3:24:18 How do you complete something you started without failing?

3:31:39 What do you think about options trading?

3:34:09 How do I develop communication skills for leadership?

3:38:55 What is the different between the sustainable growth rate from the income statement and the sales growth margin?

3:43:07 How are you so obsessed and dedicated to helping others?

3:46:45 How do I transition from engineering to finance?

4:04:18 How to speak with an attorney via LegalZoom.

4:06:58 Why did you transition from consulting to finance?

4:09:50 Step-by-step checklist for marketing, finance and other business needs.

4:18:23 Justin Trudeau story

4:26:36 Analyzing a South African company financial statements. (Andrew)

5:19:26 Product quality and customer satisfaction.

5:22:23 As a venture capitalist, what are the profit margins for a good investment?

5:31:19 How do you fail at everything and still succeed?

5:37:35 Is leading different from managing?

5:38:57 What are 10 tips on becoming a great manager or leader?

5:48:18 What’s your management style?

5:53:25 Why are so many companies always trying to keep up with the latest trends?

6:00:13 Do you have any recommendations on how to best create a LinkedIn profile and professional resume preparation?

6:01:16 Where can I find monthly financial reports for a specific company?

6:02:55 What are your thoughts on virtual meetings?

6:10:28 What do you think is the best platform to offer my freelance services?

6:25:02 What are your top 5 must-read books for a young aspiring entrepreneur?

6:29:30 Do VC firms only invests in product companies or service companies as well?

6:39:50 I’m an accountant and financial analyst, how can I make money as a freelancer?

6:50:45 Any tips on getting a 12-year-old a computer but keeping it/him safe?

7:00:08 Your thoughts on using algorithms as part of your trading strategy?

7:03:10 What are the differences and correlations between Asset manager, Investment manager, Mutual Funds Analyst? Which role in Finance does Warren Buffett have?

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