Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 030

3:35 Can you please review how to source data from the IMF website? 5:12 My take on the 2008 recession. 10:06 Did you have the opportunity to attend the ’92-’93 World Series? 12:03 I’m sure you had mentors; how did you find them? 15:15 When founding a company, how do you pay for the initial expenses? 18:09 What will happen to the founder and employees at Theranos? 18:54 My thoughts on the recent university admissions scandal. 22:23 More on Elizabeth Holmes and fraud. 25:31 You can start a company from anywhere in the world today. 26:44 What the parent of a child said to me when I was in India. 28:49 What’s the best way to reach out to talent acquisition teams when you are job searching? 33:43 What would be your strategy to correctly start creating online courses? 38:04 I want to join and serve on the board of a company, what can I do now to increase my chances? 43:32 What do you think will be the next big thing 5 years from now? 49:59 Are giant tech companies safe in the case of an economic slowdown? 53:01 My thoughts on APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, and AMAZON. 1:02:52 How do you start a boutique investment bank? 1:11:08 More on the University admissions scandal. 1:14:45 Entire MBA in 1 Course (…) 1:14:56 1:16:02 Complete Financial Analyst Course (…) 1:21:52 What are your thoughts regarding the next financial crisis? 1:38:56 What are the most common questions from angel investors, VC firms or accelerators to seed startups interested in raising their first round? 1:47:00 Is it wise to outsource lawyers, accountants, considering the privacy concerns? 1:47:45 I want to learn more about why companies succeed and why they fail. What’s your suggestion. (…) 1:54:28 When do you think the bearish market will start, if it hasn’t already started. 1:57:38 What advice would you give a 20-year-old? 2:13:21 How do I network to find out what problems I can help my target company solve before an interview? 2:15:59 What does “read the fine print” mean? 2:22:31 What kind of social media content should I focus on? 2:26:02 How can I franchise multiple companies and put them all under the same roof? Is that how shopping malls work? 2:32:35 How do you reach companies to ask about franchising opportunities? 2:39:11 I’m at a dead end job which is stable and with good benefits, I want to leave but I’m afraid, what should I do? 2:43:20 How do we calculate DCF and NPV? 3:06:16 Do you know anything about modern monetary theory? 3:10:16 Many companies don’t require college degrees anymore, how do they assess competency? 3:14:07 I have so many different interests, it’s making it really hard for me to choose a degree. What should I do? 3:17:36 How do you know what you are worth? 3:18:41 Your thoughts on getting a college degree? 3:26:19 How do I balance worth, health, family? 3:30:40 The Arab Spring 3:44:28 How important is capital allocation in business? 3:45:20 In MA, what would cause an acquirer to use stock instead of cash to finance a deal? 3:52:53 What do you look for in the media and how to maintain a relationship with journalists? 3:54:46 Thoughts on product management and management consultant careers? 4:02:58 Do you have a recommended list of tools that every small company should use? 4:15:07 Your thoughts on analytics as a minor along with finance as a major? 4:18:38 Have you been to Ronald Reagans birthplace museum in Illinois? 4:21:40 How long will your MBA program be? 4:29:14 What’s the purpose of an umbrella company? 4:31:22 What will your MBA Program focus on? 4:37:23 Did you get all of the information for the reports you made for eBay and NetSuite from the same source? 4:42:20 What truly caused the great depression? 4:44:29 Can you talk about the different legal structures and the difference between them? 4:50:12 How do I create an elevator pitch? 5:06:28 What is the best advice you think you can give a business student? 5:08:55 I’m going to an interview for a buy-side company, any advice? 5:12:33 What is your best technique for memorizing concepts or ideas? 5:16:21 Is Microsoft Excel still the “go to” tool in the business industry? 5:19:20 What are the ways to outsource accounting, finance, and payroll for a 1 person company, any software you recommend? 5:22:46 What are new ventures, according to you, that have a great potential for investment and growth? 5:29:00 What do you mean by your “Northstar” goal? 5:32:05 If you could make a phone call to your 20 year old self what would you say? 5:40:45 Who is your contact at Fiverr? 5:53:42 Do you think the internet industry is still the most bright industry to start a business in the next 10 years? 5:59:21 What do you think about buying a suit, should it be “classic” one or do you think unique colors are a bit better?

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