Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 029

3:54 Do you agree with Warren Buffet when it comes to the definition of value investing?

6:08 Why do companies break-up monopolies?

8:52 What are assets management companies?

12:31 Are asset management companies different from hedge funds?

13:44 Is there any scope in business after engineering? 16:28 Which is the best field of business and how do you find or develop an interest/passion in business?

18:51 What do you think about inflation in the near future?

26:20 Any updates on the MBA Program?

29:04 What do you think about going for an MBA right after college?

30:40 Any startup idea you came across at Stanford and as a VC that you would like to share with us?

37:25 Is it alright to start your own thing and freelance after college instead of working at a company? 39:45 What qualities do you look for in a candidate if you want to hire him/her? 42:37 Would you recommend buying stock options? 46:38 I’m in 2nd year of college, what could I do in the next 2 years? 49:28 How about you interview or podcast with influential people? 54:31 How do I ask a professor to write a letter of recommendation? 1:12:14 I am in my late 20’s and I work in a retail bank, I want to go for CFA. Is it worth it? 1:14:14 I am about to hire a company to start my project. How can I make sure they won’t postpone it in the middle of execution? 1:18:41 What should I do in my college years and youth that will lay a solid foundation for my future? 1:24:09 What’s your advice for when starting a business with other people? 1:27:58 How do you deal with your ego? 1:31:51 Why do companies have hackathons and sometimes steal the best ideas? 1:33:48 Do you have haters? What do you suggest for this? 1:37:06 How do you stay grounded? 1:39:11 LIVE RESUME REVIEW 1:49:55 Could you explain the term irrational exuberance? 1:52:51 If you need to pitch a physical A1 poster (NOT POWERPOINT) to a judge panel privately, how would you keep the judges interested? Any tips on presentation? 2:03:18 How important is your net worth? What matters in life in the long run? What should one focus on in life? 2:10:37 Why this is the greatest time to be alive? 2:22:22 I wanted to know how did companies like Quora, Glassdoor market themselves. 2:27:41 What are the different types of funding for a start-up? 2:29:46 Can you give a “BRIEF” about HF’s, how they work, how to succeed in it and what to avoid? 2:37:39 Do know any exit strategy for startup other than IPO or Acquisition. 2:40:09 How does a CFA help you carry forward a career in financial markets? 2:43:54 How do I attract investors for startups in third world country like Somalia? 2:58:34 How do you pick stocks? 3:00:44 Does being first to market really matter, how important is it? 3:03:22 What’s the cost of your current setup? 3:08:35 I work in accounting but I want to switch careers, how do I do it? 3:12:08 How can I become a distributor of a product I like? 3:15:01 I want to compete with my current firm, how do I do it ethically? 3:27:16 Please distinguish between: Corp Fin, Risk Eng and Bus Analytics. 3:52:50 Advice for handling job candidate interviews? 4:17:19 What is your opinion on LIFE? 4:22:34 How do I spot a product/service that I can license or franchise? 4:25:10 Regarding the upcoming MBA program will the tier 1/lowest cost be relatively priced similar to your regular courses? 4:26:43 How should I address the competition section of my business plan? 4:32:25 How long do you think it takes to get a good financial education? 4:41:29 I am a bookkeeper and I was wondering if I should go into FP&A with my finance degree or going to revenue accounting. Your thoughts? 4:46:35 Can mutual funds build short positions? 4:53:06 Why are hedge funds returns usually higher than returns on mutual funds? 4:58:56 The minimum amount for investing at a hedge fund is set by de the hedge fund or by the government? 5:06:12 What are your thoughts on the next financial crises? What do you think will cause it and when? 5:15:11 Your thoughts on Robert Kiyosaki? 5:16:47 How did Soros force the British govt to float the pound and how did he do it in Malaysia? 5:26:59 What do you think about X as a differentiation strategy for selling on Amazon and Bol? 5:29:24 What’s the difference between a plain vanilla hedge fund and a neutral hedge fund? 5:31:56 What do you think about getting a finance or accounting degree from Capella? 5:32:17 How to leverage the Entire MBA Course? 5:35:28 I remembered that you have a video talked about how to network on LinkedIn. Do you remember the name of that video? 5:39:40 I did my bachelor in public administration and I wanna switch my career to an MBA in finance. 5:41:03 Maths and economics degree vs finance and banking? 5:42:22 How do you recommend finding cofounders for a start-up? 5:45:00 Is the trillion dollar deficit under the Donald putting America on the road to financial ruin? 5:50:07 I’m starting a business, can you please give me some advice on how to obtain customers?

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