Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 028

2:31 I have an idea which is not original, should I pursue it or find something else to explore? 6:14 There are companies recruiting from my college campus but not in the division I’m interested in, should I still apply? 11:23 I’m getting a little nervous about finding a job straight out of college, any advice? 18:57 I want to become an accountant but I don’t know where to begin. Any advice? 22:24 Is it wise to only take 1 course at a time on Udemy? 26:25 I want to write the CEO of the company I work for, What should I write him? What words should I use? How can I get a meeting with him? 34:07 Did you start using insight timer app? 37:20 How do you get funding for an idea that doesn’t exist yet? 45:04 I’ve take some of your courses on Udemy. I feel like I’m at a standstill, what do you think I should do next? 52:33 How should I work on my public profile, website for example, any tips? 58:15 Do you think traditional MBA courses are essential or online MOOC courses are good enough? 1:07:58 I reached out to someone via LinkedIn for a coffee meeting and didn’t get a response. Should I follow up? 1:09:36 Can explain TAM, SAM, SOM and how calculate them. 1:13:21 What is the secret of unicorns? 1:19:22 How long should a person take to reflect after being terminated from a job? 1:37:29 How do you talk in a room in which about 90% of people don’t like you? 1:47:45 What does mean to take “Calculated Risk”? 1:51:07 I didn’t make a big enough impact to differentiate myself from others. Any tips? 1:59:58 Have you heard of XYO coin? 2:01:17 Optimist vs Opportunist 2:03:01 Any sales courses/books you recommend? 2:28:31 I can’t find the best way to describe myself. Can you help? 2:36:06 Thoughts on Google Ventures. 2:39:58 If you see the stock price of a company go down by 50% in less than a month where would you start looking as to why this happened? 2:47:04 Can you tell me what are skills for becoming an entrepreneur? What are thoughts on passive income? 2:55:45 How do I beat the application tracking system while applying for a job? 2:56:13 ​Tell me about artificial intelligence & AI companies. 3:02:16 How do you know how much money you need to raise for your startup? 3:07:21 How do you find passion in life. 3:12:14 What do I do if I’m trying to help someone but they refuse to get better? 3:23:52 Why does Google have such great customer service and other companies don’t? 3:25:35 What do you think about the concept of diversification stocks to protect from risk? 3:29:27 After completing my business plan, how do I find the right incubator, angel investor or VC? 3:41:21 Should I delete all of my social media and keep LinkedIn and personal website only? 3:46:17 Wrote my first LinkedIn article and I feel on top of the world. 3:57:57 Do you think it is OK to write a 50 page book or should it be longer like most books? 4:00:54 Can you suggest a Udemy course to learn about Marketing Strategies? 4:08:47 I live in Europe and want to start a company in the US, can you recommend some legal help? 4:11:35 How do you prepare for a recession? 4:19:55 What information do you suggest to put on a landing page destined to be seen by potential investors? 4:31:01 What’s your view on Petrobras and Mercado Libre? 4:35:08 Please mention a couple of situations in which a company would prefer to do an M&A instead of doing an IPO and vice-versa? 4:38:28 Which course should I complete first the Entire MBA or Complete Business Plan Course? 4:43:06 Is your portfolio management system also available on the complete financial analyst course? 4:52:47 Do we need to hire managers for projects to succeed? 4:54:08 Your thoughts on Indra Nooyi joining Amazon’s board? 4:57:50 What do you need to know to not be afraid of starting a business? 5:01:19 What do you think about working with options? 5:04:18 Does Dylan and his brothers write their to do list/schedule every night? 5:08:40 What aspects of business consulting do you see a long-term market for as a freelancer? 5:10:51 What do you think of increasing tax on the richest and conglomerates not paying their fair share? 5:15:32 I did not finish the business plan course because I do not know what business to engage in. Any advice? 5:16:40 Do you think its worth paying £50k for a MBA from a top UK Uni? 5:19:09 My relationship with my mom is deteriorating. How can one get along with their parents? 5:23:53 In order to establish a charity, do I keep it separate from business work or set it up along with a firm? 5:29:45 What were your favorite Nintendo games? 5:36:39 Do you think it’s worth making a job move as Business Dev role at a huge tech firm? 5:41:49 It’s been 6 weeks since a phone interview and I’m still waiting. What kind of email can I send the managers about expecting news? 5:45:56 Do you offer a course on reading financial statements? 5:49:41 Would it be worth to list, somehow on LInkedIn, a list of the webinars we see that are related to our field/career?

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