Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 027

3:05 What are some tips or key bits of advice on networking to get an internship in IB? 8:24 English is my second language and I can’t follow the lecture properly, what should I do? 10:52 How to create a story for your product/service that investors love? 14:10 What company or institution can help you study for the CFA exam? 15:08 What’s the future of social media like in long term? 19:48 If we work hard enough and fail enough or too much, will we be destined for success? 23:41 What do you think about investing in digital payment industries? If yes how, who and for how long? 27:20 What are your views on social media based on blockchain? Will the new blockchain firms replace Facebook, Twitter? 37:58 When value investing how important it is to read notes that accompany the financial statements? 41:00 Can you discuss market sentiment? 43:19 How to reach out to media and blogs to feature your startup and advertise it in the media? 50:01 What do you think about the same business ideas being applied in different markets? 1:10:28 How do I convince talented people to ride with me? 1:17:44 Can you please explain the 1031 exchange process? 1:21:28 Acquisition vs Mergers 1:26:09 Could you talk about Microsoft’s strategy of the future and why they bought Minecraft? 1:29:24 How do you create a monopoly? 1:43:11 What did you learn from your failures? Can you talk about your failures? 1:48:13 Do you have a course to read, understand, analyze financial statements and calculate ratios? ( 1:55:47 How dope is Sequoia Capital? 2:04:14 Would you advise startups to bootstrap to one million in revenue before raising investment? 2:07:53 How do you know your firm is ready for an IPO? 2:11:38 Between Hedge Fund, Goldman, Startups, and Stanford, which job did you enjoy the most in your renowned career? 2:18:13 When should one trade in future and options? 2:21:19 I’ve completed my business plan but is there a formula to estimate how many products I will sell in the future? 2:30:22 Could you explain: “Buy when there’s blood on the streets even if it’s your own.” 2:32:33 How can I learn more about the financial markets and the economics behind them? 2:38:56 What do you think about climate change? 2:46:29 If the ETF lifespan is 3.4 years, according to Bloomberg Intelligence why its good investment strategy? 2:52:00 There is a famous saying “do what you do best and outsource the rest.” Do you agree with it? 2:55:38 Can you talk about the black swan? 3:01:05 Can you help me find an experienced mentor? 3:04:30 Do you have any advice for franchise owners? 3:11:33 Can you think of any examples of successful businesses that have a solo owner and don’t require staff? 3:19:37 How do I find customers? 3:26:46 Which top 3 biographies would you recommend? 3:29:22 Your thought on Steve Cohen (the hedge fund manager). 3:33:32 Launching my first course, shall I offer all I can in one course? 3:35:46 I know you are a spiritual person. Does this influence your health, happiness and outlook on life? 3:39:49 How do I maintain a relationship with all my connections? 3:44:43 What can I offer people if I’m looking to career change if I don’t have the right connections/things to give them. 3:46:23 Interviewing at a big bank. Manager told me the bank was going to send me the offer last week. They didn’t. How should I handle this situation? 3:51:08 How do I learn financial modeling? ( 3:54:02 What’s your view on specialist vs generalist? How to get to the next level without specialization? 3:56:40 Which vitamins you use? 4:01:39 Do you use any nootropics (brain performance enhancement)? 4:05:57 What are your views on the stock market right now? 4:11:45 Are banks safe to bank millions or multi-millions? Where do multimillionaires keep their money? 4:25:16 Any tips to help me finish my book faster? 4:31:40 I wonder what would be the best funding type (Angel/VC) for a VR project which needs a prototype? 4:40:39 Can I patent a project as an idea only? Or do I need to have a prototype or so? 4:43:21 Is it possible to be an over learner? 4:46:01 ​What will be the difference between your MBA Degree and the “Entire MBA in only 1 course”? 4:53:17 I will be quitting my job and competing against my current boss, how would you suggest I handle this situation? 4:54:56 I am planning to establish a hedge fund in Turkey. Do you think is that possible to raise money from US? 4:55:56 March 11th event @ Stanford ( 4:58:13 What do you recommend a young person (16 yo) to invest in? 5:05:32 When starting new jobs or roles, what are some tips you would recommend? 5:17:43 What should I do if my mentor is my biggest competitor? 5:20:44 What is the YouTube channel of the Indonesian personality with whom you are co-authoring a course?

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