Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 026

0:45 What are your thoughts on diversification? (Complete Personal Finance Course)… 4:25 How to not let personal relationship arguments or conflicts affect work? 8:23 I’m buying an insurance agency with a partner. What are your thoughts on insurance sales? 12:00 Why aren’t we able to bring change to our education system? 13:57 Last time I asked you about academic research jobs if you remember. I have an offer at hand, what are the things would you suggest me to consider before accepting the offer? 15:51 What are your views on the Jeff Bezos scandal? 18:56 Here is some advice if you’re scheduled to take a series 65 or any other exam. 21:47 How would you advise startups to deal with high legal expenses? 24:41 What do you think about going all in on one stock or a few stocks? 26:47 How soon should children be taught about financial literacy, owning a business, drawing and reading charts? 32:42 To calculate ROE, do we use the BV of equity from the same year or the previous year (with reference to the net income used). 40:40 What do you recommend for a recent graduate… Work at a startup or work at a well-known company? 42:47 What would you suggest me to do… Write more articles on LinkedIn, Medium or both? 47:40 Thoughts on choosing between higher pay, bigger company, less of a leadership position, versus same company, established connections, lesser pay, more leadership, high uncertainty, new experience. 57:32 What is the best manner to seek an advisory board and a board of directors? 1:04:57 How do you always stay so calm and positive? 1:09:21 What are your future goals and ventures this year and in near future? 1:16:09 How did you manage to start your own business while “having” to keep a daily job for paying debts, expenses and taking care of children when all of them are so demanding and time-consuming?! 1:21:56 What relationship advice would you give us? Because you’re a really good human being and a righteous person. 1:26:12 Why are there so many hedge fund managers who are billionaires? And they managed to accomplish that in a short time. What did they invest in? How did they become so rich? 1:32:47 Hedge Funds I recommend you work for are the following. 1:38:38 Any update on the upcoming MBA program? 1:39:31 Why do companies fade away when the founders leave? (I’m looking at you Apple) why can’t the successors keep up with the innovation? 1:45:20 Any tips for dealing with expensive legal fees in startups? 1:46:58 How do I sell myself better? 1:51:40 I’m having a hard time taking action, I feel like I’m in chains. How can I break free? Any advice? 2:01:38 What is your take on Convertible Notes for Angel Investment / Series A? 2:08:26 Which audiobooks did you recently listen and which will you listen to in future? 2:10:12 When you buy a commodity, like gold or water, to whom is my investment money going to? 2:13:30 You once said Netflix will soon be entering education sector. Also could you tell about your meeting with Reed Hastings? 2:21:48 I have to run a workshop at work and present in front of people I don’t know. Any tips? 2:24:17 When analyzing financial statements, what do you think about capitalizing R&D? 2:42:47 Could you please tell us how to find the TAM of your company? 2:45:42 If my business plan requires many market sectors, how can I find reliable and inexpensive trend forecasts? 2:47:01 What do you think of all this online marketers that selling courses for 1k to 4k and pyramid schemes? 2:47:48 “Can you visit LinkedIn and type in my name and provide your constructive criticism on my profile?” — LIVE LINKEDIN PAGE REVIEW 3:04:32 People fear losing their jobs to others more willing to learn and better equipped. How do I break through this situation and find opportunities? 3:12:28 Won’t the new MBA program be self paced, cause you just said its gonna be limited!!! 3:14:17 Do you think professional certificates like CFA are useful? 3:17:26 Hiring talent on Fivver. 3:22:00 Finding TAM. (see – 2:42:47) 3:22:54 What is Due Diligence? 3:24:18 How do I find people who are more intelligent than me to join my startup? 3:25:25 How many tiers would be in the new MBA Program? 3:30:19 What should I do if my manager at a large corporation is picking on me and trying to single me out about my performance? I do my job well. I am a support engineer for 3 years and feel stuck. 3:34:36 What should a startup founder not say in an investment meeting? 3:39:58 How important will an ivy league certificate be in the future and do you want to make a diamond rank for your MBA Program? 3:42:36 When I buy a stock, I’m buying part of the company. When I buy a bond, I’m lending money to a government or a company. What about commodities? 3:44:51 How do I cope with feelings of betrayal and disappointment when lesser deserving colleagues win performance and excellence awards and I am ignored.

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