Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 025

0:59 Vitamins I consume daily and other biohacking supplements I take. (please check with a nutritionist before considering any my advice) 7:26 How do you negotiate a scholarship with a business school? 9:29 Can you give us a glimpse of your daily schedule? 13:16 are you sure those vitamins and that energy stuff won’t have any side effects? 16:34 Can you suggest an internship in management consulting or in Ib as a credit analyst? 17:15 How do you disrupt a new industry? 20:46 what if I don’t have enough data about my industry? how can I convince potential investors? 31:48 Any advice on how to build self-confidence in a hostile work environment? 40:51 Should I deduct my business expenses directly from the business income or file a schedule C expense? 43:06 I’m working on a business case study, can you help me by sharing your thoughts on the Netflix international expansion? 54:39 Reverse aging 57:16 How good are academic research jobs? 58:19 What is the most important advice parents can give their children in 2019? 1:01:15 In reference with finding your Steve Wozniak, how can I tell someone is your Woz? 1:02:43 What are the different kinds of Hedge Funds? 1:06:57 On your Complete Business Plan Course, in step 12, how do I determine how many products I can sell in the future? 1:17:20 Navigating Haroun Education Ventures website ( 1:19:41 NEW COURSE ALERT 1:20:29 Don’t care about what other people think. 1:24:02 Please, start teaching on Udemy. Here are 2 FREE courses to help you get started. 1:26:58 Why failing is good for your long term success. 1:32:27 Can you explain traders getting paid to short stocks back in the day? 1:36:11 Does valuation apply to company only or we can do it also in countries? 1:42:20 Are you up to date on government plans to change net neutrality and the impact on businesses? 1:43:07 How was 2018 for you? what did you learn? 1:46:46 Any new book recommendations? 1:52:00 what went wrong with your hedge fund venture? can you take us through your timeline and what you learned and what strategies you used 1:57:57 I understand the formula to calculate the revenue, but if I write that I will sell 100 products next year, an investor could ask me how can I be sure that I will sell 100? 2:00:01 how to find an internship in a big company abroad and get acceptance? 2:01:50 How do I come up with credible data when forecasting financials for my business plan? 2:07:49 How do I make a good and lasting impression in a current rotation program or internship so they offer me a job at the end of the program? 2:12:14 Are product managers the new software engineers nowadays? 2:15:01 The cost difference between Online MBA Program and a regular MBA Program. 2:17:17 How can I earn a $30.000 in a year as a student in Hungary? 2:19:21 Can I include your name as one of my mentors in my pitch deck and let potential investors know we have a live call once every week? 2:27:53 Why finance? 2:33:47 Do American college/universities have Distance MBA programs? 2:36:00 What financial institutions have you leveraged in your past? 2:41:58 I want to start a business with some money I’ve saved up. How do I overcome the fear of losing my money in an investment? 2:52:16 What can you do, when you don’t know what you are good at? 2:54:18 Can I get a financial analyst job just after my graduation or should I go for an MBA first? 3:04:57 What time do you wake up? What’s your sleeping schedule? 3:07:46 How do companies gain access to private data? 3:14:22 I’m starting a business, should I hire a financial advisor? 3:16:37 Do you think if US stock market is very expensive because of the fact that the unemployment rate is at the bottom? 3:22:44 Have you ever invested in emerging stock markets? What do you think about these markets, especially Turkey? 3:34:10 How do I help someone change as a person? 3:36:09 Your thoughts on the Lending Club business model. 3:46:34 Do you provide mentorship? 3:52:10 What does it mean when a stock is liquid? 3:52:54 What will the new MBA program cost? 4:03:32 What’s your take on cryptocurrency trading ATM? 4:07:09 You must know Robinhood and Acorns. Do you recommend those? 4:11:56

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