Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 023

3:22 What are your thoughts on people going to Puerto Rico for tax purposes? 5:47 How do I master core business concepts in depth before starting business school? 8:22 Can you guide me on key pitfalls to avoid in organizational communication? 15:41 How to get ready for an interview. 22:53 What’s the best method for time management? How I schedule my day. 35:26 What can I learn from other people that will later help me in my career? 38:35 Frameworks you can use to analyze a business besides SWOT and Porter 5 Forces? 41:16 Is it important for a founder to understand business law? 48:41 Your thoughts on Rich Dad Poor Dad? 51:02 What I told graduating students at SFSU? 54:36 How do I decide what path to take in my career? 1:01:51 How do I avoid working in a family business without making my parents feel like I’m abandoning them? 1:03:42 What are the top 10 key factors for a pitch deck? 1:30:33 How do I choose the right finance major? 1:36:09 Are the lessons in your courses applicable to students who don’t live in the US? 1:43:50 How MIT admissions saved me $150. 1:46:56 Here is how to write a book? 1:50:58 Any hacks for business schools essays (or any graduate degree ever)? Add book Amazon link – “How to market yourself to top business schools” 1:55:07 Is not taking “No” for an answer a good trait? 1:58:49 Do this if you’re interested in teaching online. 2:00:32 What kind of a manager was Steve Jobs? 2:01:54 What’s your name? 2:04:01 Making decisions in a way that you won’t regret. 2:06:19 How does starting a Venture Capital firm works. 2:10:29 What does shorting a stock mean? 2:18:28 How do sharks do in business? 2:24:47 Is it OK to be constantly busy? 2:25:18 How I’m planning to take on CNBC and HBS. 2:44:32 How can I incorporate the skill and online courses in my CV? 2:46:14 How do you become more determined and obsessed with your goals? 2:51:17 How do value based hedge funds work? Will the long term strategy work for short term institutions? 2:56:54 What is your advice for someone who is interested in getting into investment banking? 2:58:36 What’s your advice for someone who is over 50 and looking for a new job? 3:01:16 Any way to get into finance without a finance degree? 3:03:14 I’m self-thought, what’s the best way to show it on my resume/application? 3:06:04 How much money do I need to start investing? 3:31:16 Should I write and publish a book even if it’s only 40 pages? 3:35:47 Do you think accounting jobs are going away, being replaced by software? 3:40:54 I tend to break eye contact a lot, how should I deal with this issue? 3:42:10 Why I believe everyone should be creating content and sharing it with the world. 3:48:13 CLICK HERE IF YOU’RE WRITING A BOOK? 3:50:47 Book suggestions for finance students. 3:55:34 Money saving tip: Watch this before you buy products on Amazon. 3:59:41 This is when you should start anything in life. 4:01:10 I’m struggling to close business, how can I improve? 4:02:14 How to start a conversation with anyone. 4:03:11 How do I negotiate timelines and/or a higher salary? 4:06:27 What’s your opinion on starting a side hustle? 4:11:26 Interested in starting a VC firm, this is what I would do instead. 4:12:20 Is your wall painted or is it the same color as a chrome background?** 4:17:11 What home-based, part-time job would you recommend? 4:22:57 I have an extensive background in accounting but I’m not passionate about it, what should I do? 4:23:46 Regret buying things you don’t need? Here is what you should do. 4:29:52 Here is where you can find the FREE book I mentioned earlier. 4:31:41 How do I assess the size (TAM) of my niche market? 4:33:34 Why do you believe day trading is not a career? 4:38:00 Here is an alternative to the Blue Yeti. 4:56:06 How does one become more social? 4:56:55 Are total addressable market and total forecasted sales the same thing? 5:07:06 How do I remain patient regarding raises or promotions? What’s the best way to handle a performance meeting? 5:18:50 How do you structure your work when designing a course? 5:29:27 Pricing your Udemy course. 5:35:06 I’m struggling to come up with a format that I’m happy with for my YouTube videos, any suggestions? 5:35:57 How many pages does a business plan must have? 5:36:54 Do you have a standard structure for your courses? 5:40:17 Can you explain how to access the business plan template you mentioned earlier? 5:45:13 What if I question why people would even consider consuming my content? 5:48:49 What if I believe the market for my content is already oversaturated? 5:55:09 FREE COURSE ALERT!!

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