Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 022

6:19 How can I have you officially as my mentor? 6:53 Can I ask what’s the biggest lesson relevant to investing you’ve learned from Nassim Taleb’s book “Fooled by Randomness? 8:59 What are non-banking financial institutions? 9:52 I have a dream to make a media project for entertainment and awareness. How do I make this idea come true? And what do I need to work on it? 15:20 Can you tell us about your favorite music bands? 19:10 What are the major differences in analyzing banks financial statements vs. non-banks statements? 21:15 Do you think cryptocurrency will be at the top of the agenda at the World Economic Conference this week? 25:32 Can I generate revenue from selling services or products on YouTube? 30:15 Do I need to have any license to help people set up their Crypto accounts? 39:38 How to buy stocks in different markets? 43:29 What is your process of making a Udemy course? How did you learn to make an online course? Have a source to recommend? 46:49 What do you think about studying Industrial Engineering? Is it the future, or is it too general? 50:36 What are your thoughts on oil ETF’s? 54:37 Do you agree with Buffett on bitcoin? 1:01:19 What are futures and how do they work? In simple terms. 1:03:09 What is the best way to stay ahead of my competition? 1:07:53 Are you still doing venture capital? Is Shark Tank TV show running a Venture Capital firm? 1:12:38 How do I get financial information for Excel? 1:14:39 Do you know Anton Kreil? Can you explain what proprietary trading and how does it work? 1:18:32 How is book knowledge different from the real world? 1:21:17 Marketing or finance, what are some key differences? Your thoughts on those careers? 1:23:01 Can you explain longs and shorts in more detail? 1:27:42 How did working in consulting help you get to where you are today? 1:35:43 I have done several technical deep dive calls for my companies VC investment group. It was great fun. What type of roles exists out there for this and what skills are key to it? 1:38:01 I liked the trailers of your videos like MBA program and Speech Course how did you make those trailers and how much it cost in shooting and editing? 1:46:29 Advice for someone with good grades, SAT and ACT who are interested in getting into an Ivy League University? Advice on how to improve grades? 1:48:43 Are you planning to make a course about Venture Capital as a whole? 1:51:01 Thoughts on Annual Shareholder Meetings? Are they worth it? Want to attend McDonald’s and United Airlines? 1:52:14 Which has a wider scope – Finance or Accounting. I like accounting but I am not sure whether it will have much scope 5 years from now. 1:54:14 Where do you think is the world is going? like AI or the Digital Era? Your Opinions on that? The way you teach finance is great! 1:58:10 Can you recommend a book or course on professional services management? 1:59:40 If you invest in a startup, as an investor, what is your primary role? Let’s say you agree to own 10-20% of the company. Do you make decisions? Plan? Advice? 2:02:20 How will your next MBA Program work? 2:07:46 Have you used OKR (objective key results) in your personal life or in business? What’re the best techniques to meet your goals in your opinion? 2:09:06 Do you have any experience with drop shipping and if so any advice? 2:11:15 What are your thoughts in Minimally Viable Product? Can you transfer that technique to apply in your life (like minimally viable habits)? 2:13:41 How do you decide what to study in college? Want to chase my dreams, not money as you say. Thank you so much. 2:21:42 How to improve in communication skill to become a leader and how do you track progress. 2:25:17 From a Teachers point of view, what should we teach children? And what do you think of the Education System? 2:29:17 Would you be interested in being involved with a veterans program? 2:34:35 How do you handle failure? How would you advise someone to handle failure in their personal and/or work life? 2:41:04 Have you watched the Jimmy Piersall film? 2:42:40 Do you think you lose focus if you are too “worldly”? 2:44:01 Do you think coding is more of a habit than a talent? 2:48:39 Which language do you regret not learning when you were younger? 2:51:57 Do you have a course on how to do a very attractive live video? Building rapport and get lead from your video? 3:01:25 What specific legacies would you like to leave as your contributions to family, friends, and society? 3:05:11 What’s happened to BTC? 3:13:45 What do tech consultant do? How can I make it my side hustle? 3:17:41 What do think about Robinhood investing app? 3:18:12 How do you deal with negative secret emails sent about you? What do you think of the future of CR management? 3:30:11 How do you get in contact with companies for unpaid work? 3:35:56 How do we deal with competitive colleagues downplaying your accomplishments?

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