Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 021

4:07 What’s the best way for me to avoid dilution as I go thru funding rounds? 9:57 Any advice or resources for a more in-depth marketing plan? 12:07 Apple never talks about their competitors, why? 15:57 Launching my business in Q3, should I consider that my Q1? 18:50 Any advice on finding technical co-founders and how to negotiate equity? 21:28 Why weren’t you able to achieve the rest of your 2018 goals? 25:55 I would love to learn about all your goals and those cue cards. 36:58 Do you know John Doerr? How did you meet him? 40:29 What supplements/vitamins do you take every day and why? 47:19 How do derivatives work in the real world? 54:58 Thoughts on writing a thriller novel teaching long term investing? 55:53 Thoughts on edutaining thriller? Also, how to come up with good plot ideas? 59:00 Determining how much $$ to raise and how to communicate it to investors. 1:01:35 Why are so many countries competing on leading the 5G technology? 1:05:27 Any idea about the music business? 1:12:08 Can you explain the EdTech industry? 1:13:16 Thoughts on the Staffing industry. 1:14:23 What is the name of your fiction book? 1:16:28 Do I get a certificate after completing your Udemy courses? What do you think of outsourcing? 1:17:57 Do you think small entrepreneurs compete and make contributions to the health tech industry? 1:21:32 What is the hardest interview question you’ve come across straight after graduating from university? 1:29:51 I am terrified of public speaking. Any tips? 1:34:03 How do I motivate myself? How do I find inspiration? 1:37:55 I’ve had 3 interviews and still not heard back, what’s your advice on how to follow up further? 1:44:04 How to copyright something and how to talk to lawyers? 1:53:46 What’s the best source for improving my knowledge of finance and markets overall? 1:54:49 When the fed raises interest rates they go up and the nominal value goes down; ok, got it! I was just wondering if it is a mechanical process or if actually investors/traders are making it happen. 1:57:08 How do you make sure people are getting value from your book? 2:00:19 Thoughts on Uber Elevatte, flying taxis which they are aiming to launch by 2023? 2:03:42 How does one approach lenders to fund capital costs for a project that has a contract value of US$10 Million over 3 years without any collateral other than a tender award certificate? 2:07:23 Thoughts on the e-Sports industry and why do you think the next Olympics is including them? 2:11:28 Is creating hype ok/good? For your product. If so, how? 2:16:30 Do you have a course on Forex? 2:17:49 Thoughts on Apple vs Qualcomm. 2:18:49 Why do the Chinese just about ban anything and everything? 2:23:26 I saw somewhere that the tall building behind you pays much less tax than the little ones around it, how is this done? 2:25:30 Can you please talk in detail about your new MBA program? Can we somehow mention having taken your course on our resume? 2:35:09 Who has the best new book marketing campaign for indie authors? 2:37:05 Do you know any real success stories from people who took classes at BrainStation or similar boot camps in Toronto? 2:45:05 How safe is DNA data in those companies’ databases? 2:47:20 Is there any area where you think you/your firm adds unique or disproportionate value? 2:51:40 You said to never join a VC too early in your career, why is that the case? 2:55:12 Mittal Steel strategy on merging with Arcelor. Do you know the story? 2:57:14 When I talk to someone on the phone I get nervous and don’t know what to say. Can you please help me? 3:00:14 What is the difference between mutual funds and pension funds? 3:01:31 What’s the job function of a Certified Information Privacy professional? Why is it relevant in today’s global environment? 3:06:49 Have you ever worked in Mergers & Acquisitions, what is it like? 3:08:21 Can you explain stagflation? And how does it actually happen? 3:09:26 How to not let relationship conflicts affect work? 3:13:38 Your opinion on Jeff Beso’s divorce. 3:15:24 Tell us about your Pinterest pain. 3:18:31 Approximately how much it will cost to attend your MBA program? Is it going to be accredited? 3:20:43 On your MBA Degree Program, I like when you say you do not like to be told what to teach. 3:22:02 Masters in Org. Psychology & Behavioral Science/Economics vs MBA in Strategy & Leadership vs Your upcoming MBA Program. 3:24:23 What’s the difference between VC and PE? 3:26:57 Why don’t you like mutual funds? 3:33:33 What Financial/Economics predictions do you have about countries like China, India, Japan? 3:40:53 How to answer “why do you want to work for us?” or “what do you bring to the job that other candidates can’t?” 3:44:18 When I learn stuff I forget it after a while, do you think it’s because of a lack of practice or am I just memorizing? 3:51:43 Your schedule worksheet with checkboxes has done wonders for me

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