Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 020

1:37 What are some of the criteria you look for when buying stocks at a low point?

4:03 How should I deal with the competition when selling my services on

5:49 How do I start preparing for a job interview?

7:53 Besides the actions of the Fed, what else moves the interest rates. And which of these factors do you think are the most important? 9:41 How did you get your job at Goldman Sachs? What questions did they ask you during the interview? Do you think you would have got the job without your MBA from Columbia? 14:42 Could I email you my CV to get feedback? It would be great help seeing as you’ve worked in the industry I am trying to get into. 16:10 Does fundamental analysis includes making financial model? 19:31 How do I stop worrying about the little things and stop being so paranoid? 27:00 Your take on parenting in the digital world? How do you remain balanced as well as helping manage the activities of your children? 32:14 How do you deal with toxic individuals who malign you to co-workers, managers, etc? 35:20 What is the one thing which you will recommend a new grad computer engineer? 38:06 I received a message from a recruiter on LinkedIn, what do I do next? 42:23 What is hedging and how do hedge funds work? 44:56 Why does the USD decrease in value even when all news is positive towards USD? Thoughts on FOREX currency pairs? 47:09 Do you know anything about the Black Scholes equation? 49:13 Thoughts on having a meaningful job that won’t make you rich? 53:02 Do you have any tips for writing a book? You once said it’s not rocket science, and that anyone could do it. Would love to hear some insights on it. ( 1:05:25 I’m having trouble exporting financial data to MS Excel, can you help? 1:06:08 Besides “Stop Worrying Start Living” from Carnegie, do you have, let’s say 10 other books you think we should read to develop our skills (MBA, Finance, Self-Help, etc.) 1:20:19 Thoughts on working with Brokers vs Fiduciaries to assist with your financial planning? 1:22:27 Do you think technology will affect the job sector in finance and accounting? 1:25:39 Will saying that I wish to start a Hedge Fund as a long-term goal in a Bschool interview be seen as something negative? 1:27:02 How should I ask someone for help? 1:29:03 I’m interested in PWM, but I don’t have a huge Rolodex. I’ve read your networking book but the risk-averse side of me is skeptical based on the commission style of this type of role. 1:30:12 I’m having trouble finding the best program or entry, thoughts? 1:32:52 I’m having trouble finding the best program or entry, thoughts? 1:33:59 How did you convince your wife that it was OK to quit your job and start working for yourself? I want to be my own boss by the ROARING 20’s! 1:36:04 What are the 3-5 books you would recommend to someone early in their career? Also, what advice today would you give to your post MBA self upon graduating? 1:38:08 Lastly, what are the best 3-5 resources you use for keeping tabs on the state of the economy and market? 1:50:18 Live Resume Review 2:05:01 Thoughts on Apple’s recent plunge? 2:07:00 Do you think hardware companies will eventually depreciate in value like Apple? 2:10:24 I watched a talk by Gary V. in London yesterday and he discussed the value of attention in our society. Do you think companies create addictive product instead of creating real values to customer? 2:11:33 What kind of interns does a company like Renaissance Technology hire? Do they only hire math/CS majors? 2:12:31 Have you read Richest Man in Babylon? 2:13:02 How do you sell yourself as a brand? 2:19:37 I Really love to be a cost specialist but I don’t know where to start and if there is a future for this job? What do you recommend I should do? 2:20:02 Any resources to help me better understand the international finance market? 2:29:38 I am transitioning into M&A advisory. Which course/book do you think is the best to learn about M&A? (enter complete financial analyst and training course link) 2:30:30 What is the hidden side of the economy? ——– Download my networking book for free from my website:

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