Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 019

0:02:02 Do you cover business plans in any of your courses?

0:04:09 MBA Program (for updates go to

0:05:40 What are your thoughts on dropshipping businesses?

0:06:28 How do you manage and manage to interact with negative people?

0:10:43 Is the new MBA Program for professionals or current students?

0:12:26 What other resources would you recommend reading if you want to become a Business Analyst?

0:23:51 Tips for helping create a successful remote culture?

0:30:45 Will you have guest lecturers in the MBA Program?

0:33:08 What’s the difference between a financial analyst and stock trader?

0:35:15 Which path would you recommend someone take if they want to end up at a VC firm?

0:40:42 Will the MBA Program help students connect with VC firms?

0:43:49 How do you emphasize less tangible experience during interviews? —

1:03:32 How does one become an expert investor?

1:04:11 ETF walkthrough

1:17:21 Why are people so loyal to Apple products?

1:20:52 What strategies does Apple use?

1:26:57 Are we going to be able to retake the MBA Program?

1:28:18 Why do hedge funds exist if day trading is so random?

1:31:10 How do I network and expand my network?

1:39:30 Any productivity tips?

1:58:28 Trump business strategy

2:06:40 I’m taking your Financial Analyst course, should I enroll in your Entire MBA course next?

2:07:03 What does a trader actually do?

2:12:23 How do you know or calculate the long-term growth rate?

2:22:34 Why does McKinsey charge so much for their services?

2:46:52 Do you get exposed to fund managers as a VC analyst?

2:48:06 What are your thoughts on basecamps and their approach of going and staying small?

2:51:56 Will the GMAT be required to enroll in your MBA Program?

2:54:06 Thoughts on Peer 2 Peer lending platforms?

2:55:16 Can you tell about Ben Bernanke’s significance in managing the 2008 crisis?

2:58:16 Can you show me how to export financial statements of quarterly data from the last 5 years to Excel?

3:01:51 Your thoughts on the employment opportunities for a founder of a failed startup with an MBA.

3:04:22 Do you know what’s the random walk theory? Do you think efficient market theory or behavioral finance is more relevant in today’s market?

3:05:50 Can you explain stocks 52 weeks high/low?

3:08:54 Is it true that average investors can’t outperform the market long term? 3:09:51 Your thoughts on the apparel industry?

3:12:45 Thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk?

3:13:37 What is your vision for the HEV brand?

3:17:47 Favorite business strategies

3:20:47 What kind of investor are you?

3:23:24 Have you considered building a virtual community for your students

3:24:22 What language should I study to get started as a data analyst?

3:28:33 If you could do anything different over your entire career, what would it be?

3:29:26 Thoughts on Blitzcalling by Reid Hoffman

3:31:58 List 10 lessons, books or resources that were important to you in 2018?

3:40:30 What should you do when your company gets hit hard after a poor product release?

3:42:40 What matters more, knowledge or intelligence?

3:45:49 Can you explain the most valuable professional certifications in finance?

3:48:48 Which accounting software should I learn as an accounting student?

3:50:16 Should I consider pursuing a career in finance or accounting?

3:51:25 Your thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship

3:53:37 Why do you recommend one specific version of the Harvard resume format?

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