Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 018

0:03:25 What is debt financing? 0:06:22 Is debt financing different from VC funding? What should a startup opt for and when looking for funding? 0:07:14 Should I attend my company Holiday party? 0:09:10 Do you suggest day trading as a side job or full-time job? 0:11:20 What does an employee do when his rightful salary is being held by an employer for one reason or another? 0:12:58 How do you validate your course ideas? 0:16:09 Who are your Rockstars in business? 0:21:05 How Blockchain is changing the financial industry? 0:22:41 How does one come up with startup ideas? 0:30:57 How do I get LOIs? 0:34:10 How do VC firms make money? 0:37:55 How do you create a business model? 0:38:54 How do you break the vicious circle of a bad habit? 0:44:45 How do investors value an idea? 1:02:45 You mentioned that it is good to be long-term focused, does long-term mean more than a year? 1:04:27 Will Testa suffer from all of the new competition? 1:12:02 Thoughts on Tesla and its competitors. 1:13:27 Do you think it’s possible for big banks to die? 1:15:22 Were you an avid reader in your college days or it is a habit you developed later in your life? 1:19:02 Crypto with the best chances to succeed? 1:21:14 How do I get LOIs, especially when I’m not sure who my customer is? 1:24:01 Can a startup get funded by VC with a good business plan but no revenue? 1:25:21 Why are corporations in America buying back their stocks and is it good economics? 1:26:52 Promising startup idea with slow ROI vs Average Idea with great and faster ROI? 1:28:04 What industry would you bet is going to grow a lot in 2019 from a business point of view? 1:29:41 What are your thoughts on pot stocks? 1:30:44 Could VCs act like a loan shark as they have a board vote? 1:33:10 Do you have any movie tips for the holidays? 1:36:41 In WACC computation, where do you get information like bank loan rate, tax rate, and stock market return? 1:41:02 Dow Jones, S&P500 points explained. 1:43:08 How do you achieve goals without losing track? How do you stay focused and committed? 1:45:40 Is it ok to work on different ideas and business plans at the same time? 1:49:36 How do you divide work accordingly and complete one by one without fail? 1:53:07 What’s your perspective on forex trading? 1:54:10 Could you explain why bitcoin is useful? 2:07:33 What’s your opinion on rating agencies? Are they really objective? 2:09:32 Where will the next financial innovation take place? 2:10:48 Do you think the economy is close to the end of the business cycle? 2:14:12 Did you ever actually ask for a promotion yourself? Or did you just quit and start your own business? 2:19:11 Is a freelance finance company possible? 2:24:42 How did you meet so many legendary VCs? What did you learn from them? 2:29:37 Are people with accounting background better traders? 2:35:14 I spent 6 years in data analytics, recently changed careers. How can I balance my future prospects as I feel leaving tech as a risky? 2:39:46 Do you think extra flight storage space can be monetized? 2:46:00 Is teaching through TV shows, movies the future of education as our attention span is decreasing. What are your thoughts? 2:51:30 (Exercise walkthrough) 3:05:41 US Dollar is not backed by gold anymore. Doesn’t it pose a threat to its value? 3:07:43 How does mining cryptocurrency in a pool work? 3:17:14 You inspired me to quit my job and start my company. My question is: what are your thoughts on quitting your job where your boss was humiliating and frustrating and create a competition for them? 3:19:47 I recently applied for an unpaid buy-side analyst internship, in terms of strain on family and social life are buy-side jobs better than sell-side roles? 3:30:16 I am interested in development issues in the LMIC states, any advice on how to get in? 3:35:45 Can you tell us your life story? 3:40:09 I believe I got an amazing idea that involves video games (Fortnite) and has NEVER been done before. 3:41:50 Pre-market and after-hours market explained. 3:54:08 Why do you say you wouldn’t want to take your own company public? 4:13:54 If there is a news release about an acquisition for example and a stock price is about to open gap up. I don’t have to wait for 930am to buy? 3:55:54 review 4:20:35 What is your vlog link? (…)

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