Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 017

0:01:29 Why you should stop talking when the sale is done. 0:05:33 What did you learn as an exchange student in Cuba? 0:16:25 Any advice for anyone looking from switching careers? 0:11:00 How do you predict the next big thing in tech? 0:19:31 Haroun Education Ventures board of advisors. 0:30:01 Is Accenture a good place to work? 0:32:53 What do you think about the Fin-Tech sector? 0:35:12 Start a business right out of College or after some work experience? 0:39:37 How do I start a cloud computing company? 0:42:29 Thoughts on Blockchain today? In 5 years? 0:52:35 Meeting with Reed Hastings. 0:58:00 What made Ken Griffin of Citadel so successful? 1:00:40 Your experience with Mark Kingdon of Kingdon Capital. 1:04:16 Your experience at Artis Ventures. 1:07:10 How to stay calm during a speech? 1:12:37 Why did you buy crypto when its crashing? 1:13:07 Do I mention playing poker during a job interview? 1:15:30 What is your advice on suitable business or passion to pursue in business? 1:16:36 How does inflation work? 1:18:40 What background do Hedge Fund managers usually have? 1:21:55 How you can keep yourself motivated after failing a job interview? 1:28:38 Any advice for small business owners. 1:37:48 Do startups use consultancy services like McKinsey? 1:44:58 Any resources/tests to assess someones aptitude for a career change? 1:52:42 Views about tech sector and startups in India. 2:00:20 Top 5 books. 2:07:57 Venture debt or venture capital? 2:16:14 Do you think ICO funding will overtake VC’s? 2:19:30 Do you watch Silicon Valley? 2:00:20 Top five books you recommend reading? 2:30:16 Accounting the language of business? 2:32:49 How do I buy real estate with only a few thousand dollars? 2:40:25 What’s the next best thing in tech besides A.I. 2:50:54 What’s the best way to analyse the margin of safety of a company? 2:52:55 Even though technology has improved since 1960, people still work 8-9 hours. 2:57:19 Which stocks would you recommend bank stocks or petrol/diesel stocks? 3:00:53 Why can’t the world have a common currency? 3:05:26 How do you invest in industries you don’t know much about? 3:07:12 What to do if my parents don’t have enough retirement? 3:10:26 The biggest breakthrough in the hardware industry? 3:13:09 Can a company be successful in two separate industries. 3:23:20 In detail, how did you start your first venture capital firm and hedge fund? 3:28:32 Do you think graphic design is an important skill in the future? 3:37:55 How to overcome the social pressure and fear of leaving the classic career to follow your passion? 3:46:18 Should A.I. be regulated by government in the future? 3:47:38 What skills do you think will be important in the future? 3:49:47 Do you think art relevant to the future? Quantitative or qualitative skills? 3:57:41 Are you a Laissez-Faire economist or Keynesian economist? 3:59:03 Are you going to invite your students to be your guest lectures as well? 4:02:12 Will HEVMBA be like a startup incubator? Will you help us actually connect with the VCs? 4:03:20 I have 1 month to take a break from everything. How would you recommend I do? 4:09:10 Bringing up poker during a job interview. 4:11:19 How are monopolies made/created? 4:13:57 How do you know if a certain company stock is a multibagger? 4:18:31 Should a long term investor forget about quarterly report and read the annual ones? 4:19:30 Pursuing angel investments from angel investment firms in Gulf countries. 4:20:46 Is it recommended to buy new born IPO’s or wait for a while? 4:22:31 Top 10 things to look for in a stock before buying? 4:27:57 How does buying back shares work? 4:31:21 Mutual funds or just sticking to regular stocks? 4:36:08 How do you find out what kind of an investor you’re pitching? 4:37:03 How to avoid giving up the majority of your equity to investors? 4:38:55 How do you get investors to agree to your equity proposal rather than his much larger counter? 4:42:52 5 books you recommend? And 5 skills to absolutely learn (coding, excel, etc)? 4:55:45 Pros and Cons of the eCommerce business. 4:56:53 Which digital data analysis course do you recommend on Udemy?

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