Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 016

0:00:53 If you were 15, what would you do to get into Stanford or any other Ivy League school?

0:05:42 I have learned a lot from your course. I am eternally grateful. My question is: How do I improve my writing & reading skills?

0:07:18 Can you comment on Pakistan’s currency economy. Pakistan’s currency has drastically depreciated. Is there any chance of PKR recovering against USD? In what direction you think is it heading?

0:11:18 Any advice on giving a TED talk? Please, if you can share with me any tips to do this well as far as choosing topic, and everything else.

0:13:32 Is there any ideal way to study “An Entire MBA in One Course”? How many hours one should spend per day or week? How did you plan that a student should take it for the best experience?

0:16:44 Why are big corporations so bureaucratic? 0:21:58 How do you start your day? Is there any ritual you undertake? 0:26:19 You said that we should find a business partner who can compensate for our weakness. You have so many students, why do you choose to work with Rigley? 0:28:58 Really excited about your upcoming HEV MBA Program! When will it be out? 0:31:46 I’m very curious about HEV MBA. Could you please give a hint about what to expect? 0:34:53 Do you have a special criteria in working with specific types of people? 0:37:55 I’m studying for the CFA exam level 1 and working 40 hr/week. Can you give me any advice on how to organize my time? 0:42:22 I recently read an article written by Bill Gates. He talked a lot about improving focus with meditation. Do you have any experiences with meditation in your own life? 0:45:06 How can one become a good investor? 0:51:10 I took an open course taught in HBS. The professor offered an interesting comparison between James Simons and Warren Buffett. It shows that both complex investment strategies and simple investment strategies could work well for different investors. But simple investment strategies work better in a long term. What’s your perspective on that? 1:09:07 Is there any ideal way to study An Entire MBA in One Course? How many hours one should spend per day or week? How did you plan that a student should take it for the best experience? 1:19:40 I am a Canadian living in Indonesia (17 years) and worried about Indonesia. Is this ‘fear’ a sign I should be investing in Indonesia? Or is the ‘be greedy when others are fearful’ not applicable here? 1:25:46 What specific math classes/concepts would you recommend in preparing for a successful MBA program experience? 1:29:33 Can you advice that, How can I get finance for my business with bad credit? 1:35:48 Why are there more companies in US going public than other western countries? I realized that a lot of big companies in other countries stay private for a long time. Is there a specific reason? 1:42:33 How is HULT business school? 1:55:32 You said ” ideas are commodities but execution is not”. How do we run toward our fears and take action more often? 2:04:14 Who is Dr. Death on Wall Street you talked about in the last webcast? 2:06:03 Which AI course on Udemy do you recommend? 2:09:00 How to get into startup accelerators like Y combinator? It is even more difficult than getting into Stanford B. School. 2:16:08 I run a small business. Will your Udemy course help me? 2:18:50 Have your learned the “priming” technique from Tony Robbins? I got a discount for his unleash power within ticket in March, maybe i’ll meet him. 2:20:11 How will you answer the interview question by Jordan Belfort: Sell me this pen? 2:25:08 Can the same rules of investing be used while investing in markets in other countries? 2:27:14 In the last webcast you asked how I built my website. I used… 2:28:05 My background is in MIS as well, and I’m considering pursuing finance related roles. What are your thoughts? 2:29:06 Recently General Electric laid off 15% of all its employees across the globe. It had huge repercussions for it’s contractors as well. Was tech and innovation of the factors which caused this? 2:38:45 I downloaded the file: “Portfolio Dashboard.xlsx” and I only opened the file repaired by the Excel.

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