Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 015 Part 2

1:30:04 Complete Business Plan Course demo.

1:42:15 How can I recover from burnout in my job? (One page schedule – 1:45:42 Tell us about your recent interview with CNBC. (Side hustles) 2:03:38 How does Costco make money without adding much of a profit margin to their products? 2:15:34 What does being frugal mean about wealthy people? Caution when working for wealthy individuals. 2:21:44 Have you read any books by Michael Lewis? Book recommendations 2:33:55 Wouldn’t an indexed MF be better as the value of the underlying assets can become disconnected from the share prices and the fund managers have to pay for arbitrage to bring the price inline? 2:37:38 How can I avoid paying so much taxes? (The Complete Personal Finance Course demo) 3:09:52 What exactly are you buying when you buy ETFs? 3:14:18 What software are you using to broadcast? OBS software / Wirecast 3:32:50 Consider volume when buying stocks. 3:34:07 Do you know Sean Parker? 3:35:00 I’m an engineer considering changing careers into finance. How do I get employers to hire me without a business educational background? 3:35:47 How can I improve my writing skills? 3:39:30 Live CV review. 3:54:47 What are the nescessary components of education? 3:58:58 Can we really make money trading FOREX? 3:59:53 Do you think the downturn of FENG stocks is a correction or a sign of another tech bubble version 2.0? 4:02:00 Besides Yahoo Finance, do you use any other tools or finance websites? 4:02:35 What emerging markets are good to focus on today? 4:03:54 2 young founders trying to start a company, they have an idea, investors ready. What should they do next? (Complete Business Plan Course) 4:06:59 Why do you think SnapChat turned down Facebook’s offer? 4:09:52 How do you know you’re ready to start pitching investors? 4:10:49 Any tax hacks for intraday traders? 4:14:33 I think I found the career field I’m passional about but it will require changing industries. Would you look for the best introductory program or the best company? 4:19:25 I speak 3 languages fluently, French, English, and Arabic however; sometimes I think I shouldn’t include Arabic on my resume or LinkedIn profile in hopes of avoiding being racially profiled. Thoughts? 4:21:06 Are there any recent MA’s worth discussion in my MBA class?

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