Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 014

0:01:54 Is being a stock broker that lucrative as portrayed in Wolf of Wall Street in 2018? 0:05:50 I’m wondering how to present your core competency and value to the potential board members so they will want to join your board? 0:09:31 Could you talk about Jeff Bezos? 0:12:21 And why would someone with high net worth want to join your board and spend time helping your business to grow? How did mark Zuckerberg did it? 0:14:49 Do you recommend reading Financial Times? 0:18:51 Can you start a service company base on existing business models? 0:20:27 How to interpret stock reports? ( 0:26:49 Is there a management style / manager that you’ve had over the years that you enjoyed – or as a more entrepreneurial person was it tough not working for yourself? 0:31:07 Which lifestyle/mindset do you prefer East coast or West coast? 0:35:00 ​How do you choose a startup to work for? 0:47:39 ​What’s your opinion on solopreneurs? 0:50:01 ​Is crowdfunding a better method than finding angel investors or VCs to invest in your company? 0:51:26 Can I ask what exactly is an investment holding company? 0:52:15 Are we in another tech bubble like the 2000 crash? 0:58:22 How do you find people who are willing to invite you to be one of their board members? 1:00:28 What do you think about exponential growth and results in life? 1:05:03 ​Are value investing opportunities still around in this day and age? 1:09:49 ​Is there a certain time of day where you prefer to do, for example technical work like excel versus something more non-technical? 1:20:30 What’s the hardest part of launching a New Business? (Business Plan Course) 1:24:09 ​Did you experience any incident on Wall Street related to elitism and exclusivity? 1:31:32 ​As a venture capitalist what do you look for in a business requesting capital? 1:33:30 Where do you gain confidence in yourself as perspective business owner, when you’re starting out? 1:40:05 Do you think the traditional education system affects the mindsets of students ? 1:41:10 When do you think edutainment will disrupt the world and become a popular real alternative to traditional path? 1:45:11 ​How do you prepare yourself to follow passion and not get in it for the money? 1:50:10 Your thoughts on quality over quantity or the vice versa in terms of product and services. 1:51:52 Are all Hedge Fund managers a trader at one point in their career? 1:55:58 Who can possibly dethrone Apple and how would that be!! 1:59:05 Do you recommend applying to Y-Combinator and other incubators? 2:03:32 Will piracy affect tech companies in the long run? How can it be resolved and will it be solved in the future? 2:06:57 Any tips to develop that charisma like Jobs said reality distortion field. 2:08:17 What are you thinking about supply chain management job? Do you think it is worth to obtain certificate in this area? 2:10:57 Would you say investors care more about smarts or being a good person. Obviously they’re both important however which one would you take more into consideration to invest in 2:12:52 Is it better to get inside startup accelerators like Y-Combinator or just the opposite? 2:14:28 How are you so so energetic and enthusiastic? How can we be like that? Any tips? 2:15:27 As marijuana is legal in Canada, some companies are preparing for IPO in that sector. Is it a good investment in the long run? 2:16:43 How to have that confidence like you have and believe in yourself? 2:24:57 What are the foundational skills, values shall an 18 year old develop which will benefit him later in life in the long run? 2:36:21 Could we intern for Haroun Ventures? Do we email our resumes? Would love to contribute to this noble initiative. I’m passionate about this. 2:37:27 ​Do you believe in the law of attraction? 2:43:14 Besides the WTI, what are the other important markers of oil prices? And besides oil, what other commodities are important for investors to track? 2:46:49 Can I ask whats the importance of knowing various currency spreads for an investor? 2:49:41 ​Would you advice a 21 year old Chris Haroun to be a edutainer and VC and not going into Goldman Sachs and Hedge Funds? 2:53:43 Do you have suggestions on joining existing networking groups in bay area? 2:54:45 MBA worth it or your course? 2:59:25 Advice por making a valuation of copper mining companys. 3:01:30 Is it true that when the value of gold is high, stocks go down and vice versa? 3:04:02 Is shelling out a student loan justified in the US? You can’t even file bankruptcy

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