Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 013

0:01:15 ​How big was your Hedge Fund? How was your experience? 0:03:50 ​Investing in individual stocks or investing in ETFs? 0:07:23 ​Why did Walmart go all the way around globe and acquired Flipkart!? 0:14:48 ​What is Hedge Fund and why are they so miss-understood? 0:17:56 Do you have any advice for someone trading in the Forex Market? 0:19:02 ​Why are there not many Warren Buffets? I know him and Charlie Munger 0:24:13 ​Does prestige of MBA school matters? Is it worth pursuing an MBA from tier 3 or less known schools in the US ? 0:26:26 ​Why acquiring your possible/potential competitor is a good thing as well a bad thing? 0:30:07 Do you use youtube hangout or the option which uses 3rd party aplications to generate your live video stream? 0:32:11 ​Why “Don’t buy Mutual Funds” you just said it.. why not invest in mutual funds? 0:34:50 FREE COURSE OFFER –…0:37:25 ​What made Apple – “APPLE” ? 0:41:09 When is the business plan course coming up? 0:47:34 ​Going straight from college to startup? recommended? 0:49:28 ​Do GPA/grades matter in life? 0:51:40 ​Advice on how to avoid being the nice guy in business? 0:59:37 ​How do you manage your OWN MONEY? do you use Financial Advisors? 1:03:52 ​What went wrong with Yahoo and how could they have they avoided it? 1:18:28 ​Is hedging a viable investing technique? 1:24:10 ​I came across wealth management course in Singapore but I found that we need to have basic understanding of finance for doing it. Your suggestion pls? 1:24:38 ​How do great CEO’s find their successors? 1:24:38 ​how do great CEO’s find their successors? 1:28:15 ​Do you think having a long term mindset about business is more important or it’s more important to have a scalable idea first ? thanks. 1:30:25 ​Do you have any tips, advice or course recommendations for someone needs to improve their sales or learn more deeply about the subject. 1:33:53 ​how to put a price tag for your product? Xiomai has just 5% profit while Apple has somewhere in the Sky!! 1:36:37 ​Did your CS curriculum from college of any use in your career? Tech is changing daily and most of the curriculum is obsolete today. 1:40:36 ​Why do companies loose innovation when they grow huge!? 1:42:09 ​You used to say you love the EU but do you think too much regulations are good or bad for the businesses ? 1:43:09 ​s&p 500 is good? 1:43:25 ​But how to conect to potential customers so they can see your message? 1:44:11 ​Why are big US companies buying back their shares? Is it a sign of economic slow down ? 1:48:35 ​The book that changed your life? 1:58:13 ​how to settle for more in business, professionally and life? 2:01:42 ​Xerox PARC was huge and now they are obsolete. Will the same happen to Apple, Microsoft, etc? 2:03:29 ​What is the minimum to start a hedge fund and can you give me some advice on that. 2:11:24 What were your biggest obstacles in planning your businesses and how did you overcome them? 2:12:58 ​ Please help me starting a startup. PLEASE HELP ME START MY STARTUP.​ 2:13:21 ​Why Networking is sooo Important in Business? 2:14:45 ​I would love to hear you talking about “Long Term Greedy” 2:20:19 ​Is a blog or online media company viable? 2:24:03 ​Talk about PayPal Mafia 2:31:59 ​X company hired Morgan Stanley/GS as their fund manager for Y companies acquisition… what does this mean? 2:40:25 ​What is the best way of investment for a middle class guy? 2:41:11 ​Any advice on how not to get lost in the corporate rat race? 2:42:52 What do angel investors and VC’s look in a pitch/company 2:46:38 Thanks for sharing some great books. May I ask what are around 5 must read books for retail investors today? thanks! 2:48:15 ​Is immigrating to US really that great or is it just overrated ? 2:53:38 ​Under Promising and over delivering vs Over promising and over delivering Which one!?! 2:58:50 ​What can a college student do to stand out when applying for jobs? If you were hiring what qualities in a person do you look for? 3:08:03 ​Please explain your job on portfolio manager 3:10:02 ​May i know your view on babbel or duolingo? 3:22:51 ​Any advice for people who haven’t found their passion yet? 3:13:34 ​40 interviews? That’s insane. Did it involve quantitative and logical questions? 3:22:51 ​Any advice for people who haven’t found their passion yet? 3:43:43 ​Will a value investor worry about GFC like the 2007-2009? 3:46:45 ​I’m about to start investing in stocks, I do have the book intelligent Investor, should I start reading it? and any other tips sir? 3:55:01 ​Why did Snap Inc go public? Exit?, money? or to prove Facebook-Instagram wrong?

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