Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 012

0:07:01 Which business school in the world has largest alumni network and which company has the highest number of employees that start businesses later in life? 00:16:07 Do you agree that every person must be an leader? 00:19:28 And how can you “empower” people so they can develop leadership while working for other people? 00:22:57 Who pitch to angel investors CEO, CFO or COO or any other? 00:27:37 How do you start a company and work with engineer or developers if you are not necessarily a technical person? And How do you find people who will share your vision? 00:37:17 Amazon is a company that is focused on the long run, not on short term profits. How can someone compete with a company with that mentality and that is as big as them? 00:49:45 Could you talk about Hedge Funds?How to run one or get into one? 00:57:01 If I want to help people like you’re doing and share all my marketing knowledge with the world through courses, etc., where do you recommend I begin? 1:12:31 What’s your view on Kodak going bankrupt? That’s another great study case about business. 1:17:08 What do you think about the Amazon vs Alibaba? Amazon is a company that takes ownership of inventory but Alibaba does not take ownership of inventory? Which business model will work in long run ? 1:26:20 What do you think why do most Crowdfunding campaigns fail? 1:28:20 So if I begin to publish my content and I want people to see it, (i.e. a weekly blog post), do you rely on SEO to get the eyeballs? 1:31:41 What is the best way to maximize time to progress my career while in college? I’m a third year and want to max out my time and feel like studying all day is not the best to spend my time. 1:36:30 What advice will you give to immigrants who want to come to USA? Is an MS worth it or come on H1B visa for work? 1:43:03 How do you proritize things accordingly? 1:49:19 Can I apply your financial analyst strategies to trading currencies 1:51:47 A lot of youth wastes time on binge watching, gaming, etc. They are just wannabes and are not accustomed to discipline like you. What are your views and any advice to inculcate that discipline? 1:59:17 How do you get a work or business visa if you want to move to another country? I know you went to business school before you started a job at Goldman. I wonder if there are easier and faster ways? 2:00:49 How do we control and manage key relationship manager 2:02:24 what are some strategies followed by the US Military which can be applied in business too? 2:04:16 Could you talk about ethics and morals? A while ago I was all about “Greed is good”. But due to your vlogs, I understand being happy and meaningful matters in the end. Nobody tells the youth about it. 2:11:19 Is it a good ambition to be an intra-day trader like a prop trader? I’m positively influenced by your long-term trading mindset. 2:14:24 I don’t like calculus. Did you ever use it in your prestigious and diligent career? Could one work in financial sector even if they hate Calculus? 2:16:14 What is an ideal age to start a startup? Like 28 is ideal for MBA. 2:21:55 What are your views on using Credit Cards? I’m from Pune, India. 2:31:55 I own a trading business for apparel and there are a few key employees manages all my clients relationships. How do I protect myself from this relationship. 2:37:27 Hey, Chris, enjoyed your Udemy courses and first time on this LIVE session. THANKS. In one of you vlogs you talked about encouraging your kids to be entrepreneurial. Any more tips for kids? 2:45:40 Hi Chris! Always glad to hear from you. What would be your best advice with regards to cold calling? 2:49:02 My dad trades intra-day in futures as one of his businesses. It is not viable every time. It makes him loses more money than he makes. What do you think about futures/options trading ie call put? 2:56:05 On one of your recorded sessions, you talked about a coupon code for your next Udemy course. Is the code still available? 2:57:54 What do you think is an ideal life? I see people around lost in pursuit of money and fame. 3:01:50 Price of Amazon in 2008 was $60 and now it’s around $1750. This motivated me to think long-term. Do you want to talk about this progress? 3:07:55 What are your opinions on speculators and can they manipulate the markets? 3:19:39 What virtues, habits, attitude, skills shall a college student develop which will be fruitful in adulthood? 3:22:50 What do you think about MetaTrader 4 for trading? 3:32:49 Why are savings interest rate so low in USA? 3:44:44 Have you met Gary Vee? Will you share that experience? 3:48:45 Do you have an excel that covers if buying a competitor is a viable solution? vs. starting own operation or a franchise in another country.

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