Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 011

0:09:53 Is there any alternative to Blue Yeti? 0:15:01 What is your opinion on C Corp. vs S Corp. vs LLC. 0:23:54 How can I get into investment banking after B-school? 0:29:52 Do you any tool or framework to include gamification in your material? 0:33:06 Is Virtual Reality the future of education or ed-tech ? 0:38:18 What mindset small businesses must adapt in order to survive in an economy being controlled big corporations? 0:47:05 If you’re trading stocks, should you have an LLC or C Corp? 0:48:16 Can you recommend any tools/websites for market research. 0:59:21 What are your views on podcast? Is it a gold rush or a niche that can enchant more clients and partners? 1:01:58 Can high level of expertise be attained in Finance? 1:04:32 Why is US GDP growth rate going up when we’re in a trade war with China? 1:10:07 What do you think about crypto currencies? 1:17:13 Where do VC’s and Angels get their money from? 1:21:25 Any tools or recommendations for training in HVAC business training and What do you think about six sigma? 1:25:07 How do I know when is my app ready for funding? Seed funding. What about series A? 1:44:18 Can one earn millions in bonus on Wall Street even if you don’t go to a top ivy league university? 1:50:41 ​What degree and experience is required to become a high frequency trader and is it that lucrative? I read a book “Flash Boys” in which it’s said they earn in millions? 1:55:38 Can you explain the Udemy/own the platform/own the road charge for cars thingy business model. 2:00:50 What are your thoughts on Ed-tech Industry. 2:04:41 ​Thoughts on the internships industry. 2:07:46 Thanks for answering my first question. Any thoughts on Six Sigma training? 2:08:00 ​How to put a dent in an Industry, i.e. OWN the Industry? 2:09:42 I sell digital products on Etsy. I want expend my business do think its good idea to register LLC in US [Delaware]. While I live outside of USA? 2:12:41 “Hire Character, Train Skill” can I follow this method because mostly the Triple A companies do this… is it recommended for startups to follow this rule? 2:19:56 In what way does consulting really help companies? 2:25:34 ​Do you think crypto currencies will replace all the currencies eventually in the future? 2:29:34 ​Is networking for everyone? Does it have to do with certain natural talent? 2:31:40 I’m thinking about creating a Udemy course in my native language [Dutch] so.. what’s better bad English vs Dutch with CC for the English students. 2:33:00 Could you share one of your interesting experience with the Flash Boys? 2:33:40 It’s a popular belief that Wall Street jobs like Prop Trader or Quant or Investment Banking jobs have extremely hard interview questions. Is it true and how to prepare for those interviews? 2:38:02 Can you become a big-time entrepreneur as a dentist? What would that look like? 2:39:39 ​Facebook — Instagram, Microsoft — LinkedIn, IBM —Red Hat, acquired for Billions of $”s do they even get Returns on their Investment! 2:45:48 What got you into teaching [Haroun Education Ventures]? 2:51:26 Can you tell me which track has a promising future ERP systems or advanced management accounting? 2:52:52 Could you recommend some books on investing apart from Intelligent Investor? Thanks. 2:56:41 Any book and course recommendation for market research? 2:58:46 The business side of Internships/hiring/middle men between universities & companies. [We are working on an internships startup] 3:00:06 ​How many people are involved in the creation of your Udemy courses? How do you choose freelancers from Fiverr or similar sites? 3:05:33 I always have a hard time networking…any suggestions on how to overcome that? Download my Networking eBook – http://www.harounventures.com3:07:10 ​BlackBerry and Nokia went down because of lack of Innovation. What about Yahoo? 3:08:37 How was your experience at Hedge Fund? 3:11:12 I notice that you manage to keep your voice in good shape. How do you do that? 3:13:18 I understand Sears is going through issues with Private Equity funds, do you have info about it? 3:16:12 How does Steven Cohen and other hedge rockstars make over 40-50% returns for clients? 3:19:42 ​Why is Google so hungry, why do they acquire so many companies?

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