Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 010

0:02:46 Where do you find the inspiration for your daily Vlog? 0:05:11 When will the business plan course be published? 😊 0:08:57 ​What are your thoughts on the Fitness-App industry? 0:16:10 What’s your opinion on a pay-for-performance model for a company just slowly moving out of the startup stage? 0:18:05 ​Would having goals fit in with a business plan? 0:19:56 ​Just got rejected from a job but – oh well! Got to keep going! 0:25:13 ​What’s your quick guide on creating a business model? 0:28:28 ​What do you think that would be the first steps to spread the word about my skills to get freelance jobs? 0:32:27 ​Getting a job question: Is it best to start reaching out to people via LinkedIn before or after you apply for a job? 0:37:59 ​I admire you on finance, which is same path i want to toll as i have bought some of your udemy courses. Pls tell me more on what i need to do and how many years will it take me? 0:38:18 What do I need to do and how long will it take to get a job in finance? 0:41:20 ​How do you see the market related to digital education? And where is the best place to advertise services related to this market (video editing, app programming, creating ebooks, etc) 0:47:20 ​How to systematically plan for life and business? 0:51:34 ​How to deal with “failure”? Repeating a class, getting fired, all those maybe lessons hidden beneath it, but most people never get it, how to help them to deal with that? 0:56:33 Would connecting with the job recruiter help this? 0:56:41 Does connecting with recruiters help me get a job? 1:00:39 ​I also want to quit my job early next year to go to a coding school because it takes me long time to learn it by myself. Do you think it’s a risk worth taking? 1:02:35 ​Do you think it is unethical to take an existing business model and improve it? 1:09:53 ​Is it okay to talk to my startup competitors and their investors? 1:12:16 ​I wonder if MBA still has value. What do you think? 1:14:01 ​Do you think it’s better to start a company in a city with lower cost of living? 1:18:07 ​I am currently combining digital marketing being the trend with my finance profession in view of a plan to be a consultant, what’s your advice? 1:20:53 ​What would be your top three questions for an informational interview? 1:23:38 ​Project is feasible in terms of capital (leveraged), but infeasible in terms of equity, so should I invest? 1:25:32 What should I do to create a deeper connection with successful people so they can introduce me to other CEOs? 1:27:14 If a college student graduated during a recession would it be better if they went straight back to get an MBA or just wait 2 years and try to get work experience and then get an MBA? 1:29:32 ​My BSchool education/University isn’t helping me and I know it, I still have one year to complete it, should I continue or dropout and work fulltime on with my startup? 1:32:34 ​Is it advisable to take a year off to prepare and apply to a top Bschool for an MBA in Finance? 1:37:36 ​What’s the difference between equity value and enterprise value? 1:39:54 Do you have any autobiography book recommendation? Just Finished Richard Branson’s book and found it to be inspiring. 1:43:12 Is there such a thing as getting your time organized when you have so many things that need to be done. 1:44:44 How do you evaluate which opportunities you must go “all in”? 1:46:40 What are your views on multitasking and managing time? 1:50:37 ​Is it important to learn about Finance and investment banking to market myself at a Bschool because I have been working in a different industry (oil and gas – piping engineer). 1:53:30 ​Besides English, what language do you think that would be important to learn? 1:54:58 ​A website or an App? Which one to launch first? 1:58:46 ​I just have a prototype which is an app in my hands. Is it the right stage to pitch for initial investment? 2:04:14 ​Chris, assuming your the founder of snap chat and here comes Facebook or Instagram and copy you. What would you and you start to lose users what would you do? 2:07:06 ​I have a project but it needs talent and engineers because it needs to be done right. I’m thinking to move to L.A and find people it will be my first time in the U.S. any advice on that. 2:08:57 ​I took your stack skill course n it was fantastic. I want to improve my english speaking and confidence please help how can I do so? I’m from India 2:15:30 ​How do I find more mentors like you? 2:17:58 What do you think about the blockchain future ? 2:23:35 ​One of my startups industry has “MANY” players but no one owns the market all are just playing around, and we think we just have the right solution/service, your thoughts and suggestion to “OWN IT”. 2:26:34 Freelancers vs Well Experienced professionals who should we hire for our startup?

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