Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 009

0:02:52 Your course “A Story-Course About Finding Your Passion & Purpose in Life” is amazing! How did you get so creative? And what are your 15 goals? 0:09:37 Are there any restrictions/advantages/advice you have on getting funding for a B-Corp as opposed to traditional company funding? 0:17:07 Have you started a consulting business before? What skill or previous experiences do I need to start a consulting business? 0:19:59 I have the opportunity to continue my education government funded. What should I focus on. 0:28:46 If I’m a student with debt is it possible to go out pitching ideas without paying back my student loans first? 0:30:51 How do I find whom to contact to talk about investing? 0:36:32 Follow up on B-Corp. 0:37:41 Do you have a course on how to pitch ideas to investors? 0:39:27 I watched your speech in Brazil and I would like to caption and translate it to Portuguese, would you allow that? 0:44:04 I’m starting a consulting agency, should I start with a multi member LLC or S-Corp? Also should we file in the state where will be mostly doing in-person business or Delaware? 0:48:24 I have been following you and your courses for quite a while now. Your work is amazing. I just wanted to ask you what do you think about a 100% remote company culture? Is it attractive for investors? 0:52:51 Starting a business with partners, how should we split the profit? 0:57:54 Do you know anyone who’s good at digital marketing? I’ve been trying to find a mentor in this field but it’s difficult to find a true expert. How do I implement it in my own business? 1:00:51 I’m moving into a equity analyst role. But I have no idea how to prepare research reports. I’m learning from your courses and other books. How should I proceed? 1:03:16 And how do I find what services people need if I want to start a internet service based company? And how do I do the research on my competitions? 1:10:10 When you want to invest how should you chose a broker? 1:12:51 Besides your MBA course, which is the next one in my list, what would be the next course that you would recommend to someone trying to build a freelancer education/IT business? 1:15:23 Do you know any Financial or IT companies that offer training and hire new employees from non-financial or IT background? 1:17:14 My girlfriend is getting her MBA from Harvard, Bain is picking up the tab. 1:21:26 I don’t work for a company but I founded a sports wear website last year and working on it ;). I graduated from college but I figured learning I.T would help me. 1:26:41 Which particular sector/job would you suggest I get into after B-school keeping in mind the skills acquired which will eventually help me with the shift into entrepreneurship. 1:30:44 What is the website to find a good and reasonable lawyer in Canada? 1:32:00 Sir is it worth contacting investors through LinkedIn. 1:32:41 You mention TAM every time plus you want 5% share of $1B company. Little difficult if you’re not tech savvy out here in Palo Alto where I am 😃 I’d love to buy coffee sometime to talk about my business idea. 1:37:25 What is the best book you recommend on business and/or self improvement? 1:40:12 I asked last week about PE internships. Would you recommend working for 2 years in Investment Banking then go into Private Equity or just jump straight into Private Equity after college. 1:42:51 You have mentioned Tony Robbins, do you use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)? 1:44:07 What are the other major manufacturing hubs in the world besides China? Is the current low-cost, economy of scale manufacturing model sustainable in a long term? 1:48:27 How can I have 1×1 call with you? 1:49:03 Thanks so much Chris this is GOLD. Can you talk about team building 2:00:05 Is it okay to make your professor your business partner? 2:01:14 Yes, Office Hour Webcasts are recorded and available on my YouTube Channel. 2:07:39 What should I do if clients do not pay on time? Or if they try to re-negotiate. 2:11:52 How do I decide on how much equity to give founders/investors. 2:13:57 Do you ever meet any of your students one to one for a coffee?☺️ 2:15:06 Your thoughts on “Google and 13 other Companies No Longer Require College Degrees” 2:17:45 Will the course on business model be up this month? 2:19:04 What are your thoughts of using 401K funds to start a company or fund a franchise? 2:21:05 How do I decide how much equity to give up to INVESTORS? 2:27:07 How do you think Cryptocurrencies are going to change the way we do transactions in the future. 2:29:55 Top 10 things a Great Business Model Must have? (I’m taking notes sir 😌)

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