Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 008

0:00:38 I have seen your videos in Udemy and Youtube and I would like to know what’s your editing workflow and process to do then, and what tools are used. 0:05:08 What else you do other than teaching Udemy? 0:06:44 Coming to Copenhagen anytime soon? 0:07:12 How do bitcoins work? and how will bitcoins change the transaction process change in the future? 0:14:21 How do you figure out if your business idea is viable in a particular area? For example, a male apparel store is a niche market. 0:18:40 ​I started an online platform for charities to turn volunteer time into cash donations. Not my ft job but very fulfilling. It is not progressing as I anticipated. When is it time to abandon ship? ​Or show more perseverance? 0:22:18 You said in one of your last videos that platform business are the best business, just like MJ Demarco in “Fastlane Millionaire”! What areas do you think that may the best to create a platform? 0:24:10 Not my case, yet I am curious how you would solve it Chris: How would a 45 year old with no consulting or finance background get hired at GS? is it even possible? 0:27:45 The info provided by Chris is always great. Why does he do all this YouTube stuff? 0:28:38 I’m currently at VC/trading firm started by a friend. They have lots of business experience, but no VC experience per se (though they have lots of contacts in the sectors they want to focus on) You mentioned in your MBA course that it’s difficult to compete with the top VC firms (…not to mention trading is extremely difficult as well). How are we (if even) able to compete in this industry? 0:30:57 I have 10 yrs on my resume, but from diff areas – marketing, sales, PM. Companies don’t know where to put me as I don’t have deep skills in 1 area. I’m focusing on companies I’m passionate about ​but after being rejected at mid-senior roles, should I bother applying for jr roles? Will companies look down on this, or appreciate my passion in their work? 0:35:25 ​Great answer and great analogy, thanks! Owning the road is better than owning the car 😃. ​What do you think about trying to be a “jack of all trades” or a specialist when we talk about skills and business? 0:39:36 What is the best method to organize one’s professional life. I try to work as a freelance graphic designer but I feel deep inside that I’m not organized well enough 0:42:00 May have asked this before but what did you do with your engineering degree? 0:43:55 When can we expect a new Vlog where you go prop hunting in your backyard? 0:44:50 Hope you’ll be fine. I have a question regarding resume. Should I focus more on concise, one page resume, or should I lay prime focus on graphical aspect I.e. including info graphics etc? 0:46:02 Another question; if I transitioned from biotech to finance (mentioned above), I am learning financial modeling, sales, and management, what other skills should i learn, and which should i prioritize? 0:47:12 Why is there no VC’s for Tourism? Especially I wonder why no one is making a fund that would fund giant Tourism project like The Eiffel Tower, Big Eye, Tivoli etc. Heavy CAPex, but great cashflows for +200 years. Finley. To help. I once was in the same position of low market value. I offered 2000€ comission or a 5% royalty fee of my salary to my network in 2 years. Got a great job in 3 weeks. 0:50:37 Hesitant to make a full jump from my secure job to a commission-based financial advisory role. Any insight into secure roles I could transition into to gain more experience in the financial industry? 0:53:04 You mention networking to change careers often, but how do you sell yourself without the background/experience/skills? 0:55:21 So, I followed your role regarding network through LinkedIn. I met a person @ Stanford GSB Admission Event in the Midwest. 0:56:35 I got his name and messaged him; he is a VP @ an AI tech Unicorn company. I have a meeting with him soon @ a cafe. Is there anything that I should avoid to him or any other advices during our meeting 0:58:21 Sorry for my ignorance, but is it possible to work for VC firm straight out of B-school? Thanks. 1:00:42 Do you have any other instructors or courses that you would recommend? 1:02:29 ​Chris, Thank you. Logan’s Run is an awesome movie! Check out THX1138, another sci-fi classic from George Lucas. 1:02:58 I took your MBA course and learned, never use your own money to start a biz. True for an enterprise venture, but what about a local only small business? 1:05:24 I’m 68. I am a consultant. Our economy is not great at present. Companies are downsizing. Do I offer to work for “FREE” and ask for 30% of the incremental revenue or will they think me crazy? 1:10:13 How do you build a viable business while traveling around the world. I have tried the Shopify thing(as you know) but the issue is that the competition is fierce for small electronics.

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