Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 007

0:01:02 How was your trip to Brazil? 00:06:21 Do you have any book recommendations 00:12:57 How to start a political speeh or any speech 00:17:24 What does it mean to short a stock? 00:22:38 In what phase of your startup is the best time to search for investors? 00:26:48 How do Google, Facebook or any other company with free apps make money? Is advertisement the only main source of income for free apps? 00:36:41 Do you have tips or tricks to connect to everyone? 00:38:08 How is it that you are allowed to sell something that you borrowed 00:40:27 Could you hire a programmer to turn your excel model into an investment app? 00:42:18 What are the most important lessons you learned in Brazil? 00:44:53 I have not seen on the trading interface a button for borrowing. you can buy or sell stocks, and a lot other for options. What is the exact action besides just calling the broker 00:46:56 Do you agree with this phrase “nobody get rich by working from 9 – 5”? 00:51:49 Let’s suppose a Venture capital firm invests in a startup, and the startup fails to take off. In such a case who loses their money. The VC or the founders of startup? 01:05:53 How is NAFTA now called USMCA going to influence the stock market? 01:09:56 I’m currently a chartered accountant in the UK, but my role doesn’t inspire me. What investment roles would you recommend moving into? 01:16:22 What are the most interesting companies you’ve seen in Brazil ? From your perspective, do they have the chance to have the next Facebook or google? Thanks 01:22:56 What is a trade war and why is Trump targeting China? 01:29:17 What are the key sectors to invest in Brazil? 01:31:55 So, you use the McLovin ID to have a laugh and break the ice? Any other tricks? Quotes? 01:37:07 In terms of people and corporate culture, do you think multicultural companies have more advantages than monocultural companies? If yes, what do you think is the reason? Thanks again 01:41:38 1) How do you make a significant difference with competition? 01:45:55 2) Would please give some advice about best way to handle profitableness in a business. 01:50:26 How do new founders of new startups who are not generating revenue make money? I’m curious about how they negotiate a salary for themselves after receiving funding. 01:53:52 Some “startup founders” seem to live really large pre revenue, where’s that money coming from? I can’t imagine VCs or angel investors are funding the lavish lifestyle of many of these startup founders. 01:56:36 3) How do you manage to run a startup (let’s say a tech one) with low budget? 02:01:16 4) Talking about South America, what area would you make an investment? 02:13:38 If I want to build a sports dome with 6 Tennis courts, restaurant overseeing the courts, do you find out who are the investors you should talk to? 10 mil inv. Pls finish the b. pl. course 02:21:52 What finance role would you recommend,after MBA to understand better the Finance services Industry,in terms of developing skills and flexibilty? 02:25:10 Since we are talking about growth market, what do you think about startup ecosystem in Indonesia? 02:32:43 This is an interview question. Would you prioritize meeting deadlines over quality work? Why? 02:27:56 How many props to do you have on a given day? 02:34:22 How do you generate profits from a non-profit organization? Do they generate revenue by receiving sponsorship ? 02:36:32 What to consider when it’s come to ethical dilemma? 02:41:10 I loved what you are doing for people like us. Please tell me how to start a career in investment banking right after bachelors. 02:44:27 Greetings from Brazil! I would like to know if you could give only one advice to your younger self about anything in the world, what would it be?

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