Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 006

0:02:12 I want to improve my financial inteligence, how do I do it? 0:03:56 What do I do if a recruiter consider me a high turnover for the job? 0:06:18 Do you need an MBA? 0:09:07 How do I control and improve my emotional inteligence? 0:12:30 How do you view working at a big vs small company? 0:18:55 Dealing with compensation when interviewing for a job. 0:21:51 Why I think you should start your own company and not work for someone else. 0:24:02 Should you apply to different roles at the same company? 0:24:29 What do I do when a recruiter gives me their business card? 0:29:54 How similar companies outperform others with the same business model? 0:32:44 What does the world need and how to find your passion. 0:40:16 The most important skill a founder needs when starting a company and what to focus on. 0:47:01 When to call a recruiter or potential employer. 0:49:19 Why you should go to anual shareholder meetings. 0:52:52 What time of day should you call HR or a business contact. 0:54:08 How do you balance work and pleasure? 1:01:56 Would you start the same career path if you could start your career all over again? 1:06:21 How to leverage LinkedIn to sell. 1:11:55 What advice would you give to your 22 year old self. 1:19:56 The most important thing you can teach your children. 1:26:47 Nintendo and how the company reinvented itself after founder left. 1:29:03 Business model vs corporate culture. What’s more important? 1:31:19 Why some companies live forever. 1:38:57 More on companies who’s founders have left. 1:42:52 How do you avoid pattern recognition? How do you encourage investors to consider investing in companies with new founders. 1:46:36 Why does it cost so much to rebrand a company and why do they do it? 1:49:09 Where to find call/put ratios and any financial information you want. 1:50:30 Thoughts on starting a company durring a financial crisis. 1:55:29 Companies I have historically invested in and why. 2:02:14 What do you think of investing in stock options? 2:05:41 How to choose the right brokerage firm. 2:06:44 Feds are due to raise interest rates, should I short bonds? 2:07:52 What’s your perspective on jobs that will exist in the future but doesn’t exist now? 2:10:55 How do I build a platform to empower people? 2:13:52 Any advicer for a 30 year old mother who wants to go back after a 2 year break? 2:17:44 How far are you from completing the business planning course? 🙂 2:20:21 Who’s your greatest mentor?

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