Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 004

0:00:00 How to buy commodities like gold and silver

0:01:30 My thoughts on the pharmacy business

0:02:22 How to approach learning something new

0:04:49 The air ticketing business

0:06:28 How to research any sector (pharmacy business followup question)

0:10:24 Follow up on commodities

0:12:20 My thoughts on crude oil and rare earth

0:14:40 How to read and understand earnings reports

0:16:13 How much longer will this bull market last

0:18:24 My experience working with Arthur Samberg from Pequot Capital

0:20:05 Correction vs. Bear Market vs. Bull Market

0:20:18 The best way to understand accounting

0:22:08 Running a startup in a rural area or anywhere outside of Silicon Valley

0:23:48 Outsourcing work

0:25:30 The 10 yr aniversary of the 2008 financial crisis and how it all happened

0:26:53 Follow up on price of oil and how it impacted the 2008 financial crisis

0:28:40 Why I believe the 2008 Beijing Olympics destroied the global economy

0:32:17 The big bank bailout

0:38:50 My opinion on AI stocks

0:39:22 Palantir and how they helped find Osama Bin Laden

0:42:55 How the movie Wall Street help cause the financial crisis.

0:53:06 How do you value stocks /

0:56:56 AI + Investing

0:58:03 Valuing a company without earnings report

1:02:39 Ethics and how to properly handle insider information

1:06:15 My take on daytrading and what I look for when investing / My outlook on energy and the oil sector

1:14:01 Options trading and my experience working in NYC durring 9/11

1:18:17 How to find out leading industry stocks

1:20:33 What is a hedge fund? / When you value companies for investment do you assign a value to their IP?

1:28:38 Why I loved eBay + PayPal

1:31:20 Any thoughts on Kevin O’Leary and Shark Thank?

1:34:30 Bankrupcy explained

1:36:36 Is there an economic crisis coming?

1:38:30 How do you know if the stock market is undervalued or overvalued? Stocks I like to invest

1:39:36 How to find a platforms for trading securities

1:40:26 My thoughts on a higher power and personal success / What I learned from going to jail

1:51:31 More on my experience durring 9/11

2:05:25 More on private equity / hedge firms

2:12:20 A hiring manager told me she was instructed by her boss not to hire anyone with a foreign name. What do I do?

2:15:57 What to do if you have a hard time believing in yourself

2:18:56 How to decide what to do with your time

2:22:03 When you invest in a stock, how do you determine the criteria for selection? /

2:28:17 How do you determine if a stock is a multibagger?

2:29:12 I have 2 jobs and I’m trying to start a business, should I be focusing on just 1 thing instead?

2:31:54 Do you think the price increase of Apple will hard their future growth?

2:37:17 More on ethics and investing

2:41:41 Short selling and put options

2:44:04 The best investors I’ve worked with had this thing in common

2:44:40 My experience working with Carson Levit and how he made 1B in 1 month

2:49:29 What to ask a company you’re interested in investing in when you meet with them

2:50:16 How do you analyze a company in a market that doesn’t exist

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