Chris Haroun – Weekly Webcast No. 003

0:00:00 What motivates you each day, what keeps you going? (

0:02:29 How do I make a career change later in life?

0:04:52 Who are my mentors?

0:06:50 Starting a company as a single founder.

0:10:45 Finding like-minded individuals

0:11:25 Do you manage your time/schedule? (

0:18:07 How to get more done.

0:19:40 Are you open to evaluating business plans?

0:20:24 How to answer test questions without reading the question by thinking like a lawyer.

0:21:58 What exam whould you take to increase your chances of getting a financial analyst role.

0:22:59 How to find/follow your passion and turn it into a career.

0:25:25 How to get a meeting with anyone.

0:29:11 How to add value to someone you want to be your mentor.

0:32:35 Mergers and acquisitions and how investment banks play a role.

0:35:17 Do I need to learn US GAAP and financial analysis to become a finance director of a software company.

0:37:50 How to prepare for FINRA exam.

0:38:30 How to get into a Hedge Fund career in India or anywhere in the world.

0:41:00 I know my goal but I don’t know how to reach it. Here’s how.

0:47:04 How to learn the fundamentals of finance and apply deep learning and artificial inteligence in finance. (avoid editorials when learning finance)

50:53 How do I find like minded people to joing my startup.

0:52:25 What are your thoughts on getting a pattent for your idea or product. How to proctect your ideas.

0:57:31 Advice I would give myself as a 21 yr old.

1:06:26 Putting together a pitch deck presentation (harounventures/presentationforyou

1:09:07 Sizing the market when starting your company

1:13:11 Finding a personal bank in Canada.

1:14:10 Main reasons for choosing ETFs vs Mutual Funds

1:17:35 Getting into consulting after graduating college

1:20:04 How I manage to learn things effectively (

1:25:15 Should you go to University and how to get the most out of it

1:28:38 Do you practice meditation?

1:31:05 When to sell stocks. (

1:36:15 Top 10 rules for startup success.

1:48:49 How to pursue your passion when you have a family and many other obligations.

1:58:57 Do you have a course specific to the Indian Stock Market.

2:00:31 Mentorship questions

2:00:59 How much time do you spend on your Vlog each day?

2:10:55 7/10 rule for startup success

2:11:13 8/10 rule for startup success

2:11:44 9/10 rule for startup success

2:13:34 10/10 rule for startup success

2:17:29 How to get a job in the US if you’re not a US citizen/resident?

2:20:54 My thoughts on MPM.

2:22:10 Book template (

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