“He who lives long in the presence of an ideal
at least becomes like it

NicolaasONLINE is a hub that publishes and links to practical and useful information from exceptional individuals who have produced noteworthy tips, tutorials, and resources that anyone trying to navigate through modern life in this global system will appreciate.

Principles are eternal, and a knowledge of them is vital for sustained success at any level. How do we instinctively apply the correct principle in a specific situation in a rapidly changing environment, whilst maintaining our integrity? NicolaasONLINE is a tool that is designed to move you further down this road, as it links to those who are ahead on the journey.

NicolaasONLINE was launched in August 2018 by success information junkie Nicolaas (who now functions as the Chief Editor of the site). Information is freely available on the web, but sifitng through it and retaining what is worthwhile is an ongoing challenge. It is information that Nicolaas has personally benefited from and believes that you too might benefit from it. Think of NicolaasONLINE as a resource that links to mentors who have become successful in their field. It is designed for you to quickly find inspration and innovation.

All the information on NicolaasONLINE is without charge, but any links to external sources, such a s Amazon, may not be.

NicolaasONLINE wishes you every success on your journey through life.